Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dogs To The Vet--Shoe Prayer Answered--Observations On Book Of Job

July 27, 2011

It's in the p.m. of the day. Chores are all done, meals eaten and dessert munched. Brian's watchin' NCIS on DVD, and Obie is soakin' in the tub. I am sittin' at the picnic table, workin' on my blog. Soon I'm gonna shut 'er down and go relax while readin' my Bible chunk for the day, then if I have time, start in on the new novel about the Amish I got at the library today, A WEDDING QUILT FOR ELLA, by Jerry S. Eicher.

I got Ufi and Simi to the vet to be spayed this mornin' without too much trouble, except when I was parked at the vet's office, waitin' for the Doc to get there. I was on the phone with a friend, and suddenly I yelled into the phone,

"I gotta go--Ufi just jumped outta the window!"

I slammed the phone shut, tossed it somewhere, and did my own jump outta the driver's door. Fortunately, Ufi was just tired of bein' in the truck, and was strollin' around the front bumper when I got out.

I got the two girls checked in, and then Obie and I headed back up the mountain for chores.

Later in the day, I had an answer to prayer. I had to toss a pair of black slipper flats into the burn pile this last weekend, since they had finally given up their soles (get it? soles? Aw come on--SOULS? Well, heck, I thought it was funny) and I was unable to wear them anymore. I didn't really have any other shoes to wear with a skirt, so I just sorta handed the dilemma to the Lord--nothin' formal, just a "Lord, when Ya get a second, could ya help me find a new pair of flats?" kinda thing.

Looks like He had some extra time this mornin', 'cause I pulled up at my favorite thrift store, and sittin' there on a bench were a lot of shoes. I checked, and sure enough, there were THREE pairs of flats--MY size, and dig this--they were SAS brand, still in the boxes. I honestly don't think they had ever been worn, 'cause the soles were like new. They were $10 a pair. I bought two pairs, one brown one black, and when I happened to notice the old price was $45.00. I got $90 worth of shoes for $20!

I'd say I got a prayer answered, wouldn't you?

My latest Bible chunk of readin' was in the book of Job. I love that book--the poor guy goes through losin' everything, his wife is a shrew, and now here come his three buddies, judgin' him and harpin' that he needs to repent of sin he hasn't committed so that God will ease up on him.

Sounds like a buncha folks I've known in my life.

Well, ol' Job hears them out, and then he gets snarky, tellin' 'em "oh, how you are such a COMFORT to me, and HOW WISE ya'll gotta be, etc." Obviously, these guys don't understand sarcasm, 'cause they start right back in. It goes on like this for most of the book, and then the LORD speaks up, and He addresses Job's attitude right off, askin' him essentially, "Look, Sparky--were you there when I built this planet? Do you give the horse his strength? I mean, come on, you're so smart--tell me what ya know!"

I love Job's answer, 'cause he gets pretty meek at that point, especially when I read how God basically tells Job to "PUT ON HIS BIG BOY PANTS AND QUIT WHININ'."(Job 38:3)

Job admits that he should 'sit there and look pretty', 'cause he has been a tad self-righteous.

After the Q & A betwixt God and Job, God then addresses Job's fair weather friends and tells 'em they better apologize to Job and offer some major sacrifices. There is a fourth guy who yammers at Job for a bit before God steps in, Elihud--but he is never mentioned after God speaks up. What, did the dude just faint dead away when God said, "Listen up--ya'll are wrong?"

I know that the Bible is a serious work--after all, it is the WORD OF GOD, and it is to be used to instruct us how to live, and about our relationship to our heavenly Father and with other people. I also know that I am created in the IMAGE of that Father, and that I have a tendency to look for the humor in everything, includin' His WORD.

And I FIND it--all the time.

That sorts tells me that my DADDY has a sense of humor too.

I love to tell folks what I find. I shock some folks who do NOT want to learn that God has a sense of humor. However, I find more folks who go and look up what I find, and see for themselves that God loves to laugh.

Come on--why do you think it is called the JOY of the LORD?

Okay, folks--I gotta go--no chores, but 3:45 a.m. comes early.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RAIN!!!!!--Watchin' Horses--Fudge Recipe--Washin' Dogs

July 26, 2011

IT'S RAININ'!!!!!!!!

We woke up this mornin', and it was rainin'. It's a gentle soakin' rain that will do the crops and hay a lot of good. There have been a lot of prayers sent up for this rain,, and I am just praisin' God left, right and sideways.

And yes, I keep singin' "Showers of Blessings".

I fed and watered in the rain this mornin'. It's a lot cooler, and it was so pleasant to spend time with Fancypants, my mare and Bandy, my little half blind gelding. I had hung their hay nets in the trees, and they decided to eat off the same net for a while. I just sat on a big rock and watched them for a while.

I always laugh at how differently these two eat hay. Fancy eats in a way that puts me in mind of a 1980s aerobics instructor. She's all,
"Okay, we're going to do a basic, 'snatch, chew, chew, chew, swallow, snatch' drill, adding a counter clockwise tail flick in the breaks. Alright, begin! SNATCH, chew, chew, chew, SWALLOW.....SNATCH and FLICK!

Bandy on the other hand, eats hay in a contemplative manner. He's really rather zen in his eatin' habits. He approaches the bale with a ritualistic reverence that would shame a 14th century mystic. Bandy is all about "See the bale--BEEEEE the bale." He will sniff the bale all over, seekin' that most excellent morsel.

He searches that bale like I search the scriptures, lookin' for that one nugget of nourishment that will feed the soul.

When he finally chooses the bit he wants, he then delicately pulls it away from the rest, and then begins to chew with a look of absolute bliss on his face. He SAVORS that mouthful of hay like a fine wine.

Now, when these two eat from the same net--it gets really funny. Here's Fancy on one side, all efficient and focused, and then there's Bandy, slow and methodical on the other side. When Fancy gets too active in her eatin', Bandy usually gets bopped in the nose with the bale, and after a while, they both look over at ME, as if they want me to stop the other from doin' what is buggin' the other one.

It has been a quiet day. Obie and I baked four loaves of bread from the batch of dough we made up and chilled. Don't they look delicious? Yes--I know there are only three loaves in the photo--We couldn't wait for the fourth one to cool!

We did all our chores, rested and read, then we bathed two of our dogs, Ufi and Simi. These two ladies are goin' in tomorrow to be spayed. They get to spend the night in the house tonight, and Poblano is NOT happy over this. She thinks SHE owns the house and the people in it--so why would I allow these two interlopers into HER house?

Oh--almost forgot to tell you. That DIAMOND FUDGE recipe I tried? It's GREAT. It's rich, though, so you won't eat a lot at one sittin'.

Here is the recipe:

Diamond Fudge
1 (6 ounce) package semisweet chocolate chips
1 cup creamy peanut butter
1/2 cup butter or margarine
1 cup sifted confectioners’ sugar
Cook first 3 ingredients in saucepan over low heat, stirring constantly, just until mixture melts and is smooth.
Remove from heat. Add confectioners' sugar, stirring until smooth. Spoon into a buttered 8-inch square pan; chill until firm.
Let stand about 10 minutes at room temperature before cutting into squares. Store in refrigerator.
Makes 1 1/2 pounds.

It's really easy.

I also had to bathe two dogs so I could take them in to get spayed in the mornin'. I had a heck of a time gettin' Simi and Ufi cleaned up. I put Ufi in first, and Simi kept hangin' over the edge of the tub like she was laughin' at Ufi. Now, Ufi is the canine version of the Halleluiah chorus, while her sister Simi is Evil On Wheels. She’s not a bad dog, but she just wants to BE THE BOSS OF THE UNIVERSE.

Well, I got Ufi all nice and clean, dried off and in the house, and then it was time to bathe Simi.

Oh dear.

Did you ever watch the old cartoons where the dog would put all four feet and its tail on the rim of the tub and the owner couldn’t get it to go into the water?

Yeah, like that.

I finally convinced her she would be fine, and I got ‘Her Royal Fuzziness’ all clean, dry, and put in the house for the night. She and Ufi are now workin’ out the details of who gets to sleep where, and it is worse than the Paris Peace Talks ever were.

I can hardly wait until I pick them up after their surgery Thursday mornin’, and I have to keep them inside for several days while they heal--I will be a ravin’ loon by the time they get out stitches!

Well, I got chores. Later ya’ll
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Goose Gone--Bread Makin'--How God Talks To Us From Unusual Sources

July 25, 2011

Okay, to answer your first question--the goose was gone this mornin'. It's appearin' and leavin' was just one of those cool things that God blesses us with sometimes.

We got to go for a walk this mornin'--the first in over three weeks! It was wonderful. Obie and I made three miles, and we had a great time. We stopped and talked with a neighbor who was drivin' by, and that was so nice. I also found out that another neighbor has the HOMESTEAD BLESSINGS DVD series! I will be beggin' and pleadin' to borrow them very soon, and I'll give ya'll my opinions of them.

We got back home and I put together a batch of Artisan Bread Dough. The recipe is from ARTISAN BREAD IN FIVE MINUTES A DAY, by Jeff Hertzberg, M.D., and Zoe Francois. ( I love this stuff--you mix it up in a large container with a loose cover, then let it sit for 2-5 hours. Once that is done, you can bake or refrigerate the dough and bake a loaf a day, with very little effort each day.

I finished THE HAPPINESS PROJECT. I will be lookin’ for my own copy the next time I go to RECYCLED BOOKS AND RECORDS in Denton. I enjoy readin’ these types of books, known as STUNT NONFICTION. This genre covers books like EAT, PRAY, LOVE, THE YEAR OF LIVING BIBLICALLY, and JULIE/JULIA. While many of these books are not Christian based--I am still interested in other people’s search for meanin’ in their lives. I am also amazed at what God will use to speak to me. I get scriptural lessons from the weirdest sources. I once realized that the movie MARRIED TO THE MOB was a great parable for someone who is workin' so hard to walk as a new Christian, and the folks from their old life not only don't get it--they go out of their way to try and drag the person back to the old life. Heck--ask me sometime about THE 13th WARRIOR--it'll blow you outta the water.

Anyway, as I was sayin', I can be watchin', listenin' or readin' something that may not have an intentional scriptural viewpoint, but that God will use as a lesson to show me how wonderful He is.

Recently, I saw a copy of Elizabeth Gilbert's book, EAT, PRAY LOVE at a neighbor's house. I knew it was about a woman's quest to 'find God' (which, let's be honest--is a dumb term, since HE ain't the one who's lost), and her many travels to do that. Since I knew she had used some techniques I don't agree with, I wasn't all that interested. While I do yoga and some meditation, I don't subscribe to her beliefs.

Well, God had somethin' to say to me, so he prompted me to ask if I could borrow the book. I was empathic with this lady's journey as I read about how she found her life was fallin' apart, and how she cried out one night on a bathroom floor. I knew where she was comin' from 'cause I have cried out from the bathroom floor so many times, we just say we're goin' to the 'chapel'!

I followed along on her quest as she went to Italy, India and Bali. Now, a lot of what she writes about I just discounted as stuff that has no meanin' for me, since as I said, I am a Christian, and I don't believe in many of the things she does. However, I was readin' about her meditation time one mornin' while she was at an ashram in India, and she spoke about how 'those' voices(yep, the ones I mentioned in an earlier post. they are very ecumenical) began to harangue her with negative messages, and tell her how unworthy she was, how dare she think she could be loved by God, all the usual junk.

Hey, you think just 'cause somebody isn't a disciple of Jesus, that the devil and his ilk WON'T try to destroy them? I figure he believes that if he can destroy somebody's spirit, then he has a good shot at them not ever comin' to know God through His son Jesus. Think about it folks.....

Well, there she was, listenin' to all these negative voices, and then in her mind, she suddenly saw a lion stand up and heard him roar,


The voices went totally silent. Then the lion lay back down and shut his eyes.

I was so flipped out over this. I read the rest of the book and liked it, but I just kept goin' back to this section.

I mean--like--WHOA.

Come on--admit it--you've been prayin' and those voices and negative thoughts come howlin' at ya, or maybe they just whisper.

"God doesn't really hear you--you're not good enough."

"Your prayers are just bouncin' off the ceiling."

"You are such a sinner--why would God forgive you for that?"

Yeah, I see your head noddin'. We've all been there.

Now, as I was readin' this, I didn't see the lion she saw--one from the African veldt. I've seen those on the Big Animal Eatin' Little Animal Channel, and they are usually pretty scruffy.

No--I saw C. S. Lewis' Aslan, that great, glorious King of Narnia. I saw Jesus, The Lion Of Judah. I saw Him rise up from his throne, and say with a voice so soft it thundered,

"You have no idea how strong My love is."

Talk about shuttin' up all fears, doubts and accusations!

Now, I am aware that Ms. Gilbert was not seekin’ the God of the Bible, and that a lot of the stuff she came up with has nothin’ to do with a real relationship with God.

But God used what SHE wrote to confirm in MY mind His love for me.

I serve the COOLEST God! Oh wait--HE’S THE ONLY GOD!

Well, I got chores. Later ya’ll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

July 24, 2011--Bonus Post

July 24, 2011--8:30 p.m.

We had an unusual visitor to our homestead tonight, and I thought I would share with ya'll.

About 40 minutes ago, we were all in bed, settlin' down for the night. We were readin', when suddenly our dogs began to bark.

This was not the usual "Hey, somethin' is out here you need to check out!" bark, or the "Hey, somebody's drivin' up the driveway!" bark.


Brian looked out the window, and said,

"There is a goose in the yard!"


"A GOOSE! A big white goose!"

Well, ya'll know I HAD to grab the camera and get a photo of it for ya'll. I came outside, and sure enough, there was a big white goose walkin' around my yard. He seemed to be perfectly at home, and was just as calm as could be.

What was hilarious was how my dogs were reactin'.

They were all under my camper, huddled together, goggle eyed, as they stared at this thing they had no experience with. I had a flash of the conversation they must have been havin' about this odd creature....

Junior--"What the heck IS that thing?"

Midnight--I think it's a chicken. I've seen a chicken before, and that looks like a chicken."

Bug--"Nononono. I remember that chicken--the body on this thing looks kinda like a chicken, but it's got a long, snakey neck. Maybe it's some kind of a snake."

Simi--"Guys--this thing is hissin' like an angry cat! I think it's a cat with feathers."

Ufi--"Wait--it's got webbed feet--I've seen a duck on the pond, and that's what kinda feet this thing has!"


(I know--I have WAAAY too much fun.)

Well, anyway, they all decided it was far too dangerous to stay anywhere near the thing, so they all took off to the woods to hide.

I took some photos of the little critter, and he had no problem with me doin' that. He wouldn't allow me to get near enough to touch him, but I did try to herd him towards the pond. I finally had to call my husband to help me, And he came out in his short PJ bottoms and tennies.

"What are we tryin' to do?"

"We're just gonna herd him to the pond, so he knows where it is, and if the dogs do get brave, he will have a better chance of escapin' them."

He looked kinda concerned, so I asked him, "Haven't you ever dealt with a goose before?"

"NO! And I really don't wanna do it now!"

"Oh, for heaven's sake, he won't hurt you. The worst he can do is bite you with his beak--just a pinch."

The look he gave me was priceless.

"Yeah--here I am in shorts, and you tell me it may BITE me. That REALLY makes me wanna get near it!"

{{SIGH}} My hero.

Well, we got it over to the pond, and it seemed to be content, so we turned in for the night. It will be interestin' to see if he is still here in the mornin'.

I'll keep ya posted.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Sunday Church--Debut Of New Poem

July 24, 2011

Sunday was a blessin' all the way around. We got up early enough to enjoy our coffee and green tea, we fed and watered critters, and we all got dressed and headed down in plenty of time so the Redneck could even make a call to his dad to catch up on the family news.

Preach allowed me to read my newest poem, "The Real Deal". I love when God inspires me to write a new poem, 'cause I never know just where the words are gonna take me, and this latest poem is a good example.

I told the church that there were more scriptural lessons in how the poem got written than in the poem itself! I had started the poem as a retellin' of the story of Paul and Silas praisin' God at midnight in the jail cell. I wanted it to be told as only a cowboy from the old west could have told it.

Now, that's all in there, but when I finished the Paul and Silas story, I said, "Great, Lord--now let's wrap this up!"

But God said, "Not yet. I want you to take it another step."

Okay, so I composed a few more lines.

"Good. Take a few more steps."

I composed a few more lines, and then the next phrase that came out of my mouth just caused me to freeze up.

"Um, nonononono, Lord, I can't do that! Folks won't like that in a poem."

Then I heard in my heart,

"Do you want to waste time having an argument with Me--which, by the way, you will not win--or do you want to write a poem that will say what I want people to hear?"

Come on--what was I gonna do? I wrote the poem that He wanted me to, and boy, was I glad that I did.

I want to share it here, and I pray that you will enjoy it, and that it may challenge you.

The Real Deal
Evelyn Edgett
July 11, 2011

We were sittin' in camp late one night,
Drinkin' the last of the coffee, weren't no moon in sight.
We was all gettin' drowsy, sleep was just within reach,
So I gave myself a shake and called over, "Hey Preach."
Dig yer old Bible outta that saddlebag,
Read one of them holy yarns, talk us up a good jag.
We're all tired, but we gotta watch this herd,
Or the trail boss will fire us, he gave us his word.
Preach sorta grinned as he opened his book,
Licked his finger and said, "Boys, let's just take a look,
At two circuit preachers, a couple of good Christian boys.
They was goin' round Jerusalem, tellin' folks about the joys
Of livin' for Jesus, and eternal life,
And how folks can have peace, even in the middle of strife.
But this group called the Pharisees, well, they didn't like that talk.
They was just hypocrites, couldn't even walk their own walk.
They laid hands on Paul and Silas, and dragged 'em to jail.
Had a deputy beat 'em up real bad, and locked 'em up without bail.
Now these boys weren't put in the regular jail, where you could look out through the bars.
They was put in the under jail, where you couldn't see any stars.
Now that place was depressin', and nasty to boot.
Ya see, the privy drained down past their feet from a chute."
Well sir, we all gave a shudder at that piece of news.
But we was all wide awake now, no one wanted to snooze.
I said, "Well, go on, Preach, tell us how it turned out.
I know there's a good endin' comin', I ain't got any doubt."
Preach said, "Boys, now wouldn't ya think,
Most folks woulda moaned and groaned after bein' tossed in that clink?
But no, not Paul and Silas, and from way down deep in their soul,
Praises and thanksgivin' just started to roll.
Them boys was singin' and worshipin' and praisin' to God,
And you know them other prisoners had to think that was odd.
They hadda be thinkin' how could anybody have joy in that situation?
But God was fixin' to give 'em all a big revelation.
Ya see, this big quake came and rattled the ground.
The jail doors swung open, and all their chains fell down.
The sheriff ran in, and hollered, 'Oh me!
I'm in trouble for sure, my prisoners have all done got free!'
He was just fixin' to fall on his big old sword.
But Paul hollered, 'Hold on pard, we're all still here, I give ya my word.'
That sheriff took them two fellas back to his home.
He cleaned up their wounds, I think he used mecurachrome.
He let ‘em wash up in an old tin tub.
Then he set ‘em at his table, gave ‘em some grub.
Then he sat across from ‘em, and asked, ‘Boys, what can I do,
To have salvation, peace and joy, just like you two?’
Paul was tearin’ hisself off a piece of sourdough.
And he said, ‘Well pard, if it’s about salvation you’re wantin’ to know.
Ya just gotta believe in the Lord Jesus, now make sure in your heart that it’s true.
Then you can be saved, and your whole family can too.’
Well fellas, that sheriff and his family all got saved that night.”
Then Preach stretched and yawned, and snapped his Bible shut tight.
And said, “Boys, I think I need to talk myself a walk.”
As he headed into the darkness, some of us started to talk.
Old Lefty asked me, “Do ya think he believes that holy stuff he talks about is really true?”
I smiled and said, “Yeah, Lefty, I uh, I do, I really do.
‘Cause back when I first met Preach, I was sittin’ in jail, probly gonna get hung.
Ya see, I killed Preach’s family, his wife and his son.
I was robbin’ a bank in their little town,
And in my rush to get away, I gunned two innocents down.
So when I went to trial, there in the courtroom he sat,
His head bowed low over a bonnet and a little boy’s hat.
He told me later he was prayin’ for wisdom that day,
And before the jury could give the verdict, Preach said, “I got somethin’ to say.”
Well it got real still, as we all waited to hear
From this quiet man who had lost those he had held dear.
He stood up and said, “I know ya all are thinkin’ I got the right
To hate this man, but I was prayin’ late last night.
And the words of Jesus came to me, soft and true.
He told me ‘you must forgive others, as I have forgiven you.
So I’m askin’ for mercy for the man on that stand,
For the deaths of my family, don’t send him to the hangman.
My Bessie and Jody, they both knew the Lord,
And I’ll see ‘em again one day, of that I’m assured.
I know it don’t make sense, what I’m askin’ ya’ll today.
But Jesus said, ‘If ya love Me, you’ll do what I say.’
Then he turned and walked out of the courtroom, without another word.
The judge said quiet like, ‘Well, I swear I don’t think I’ve ever heard
The truth of God’s grace and mercy put in such a plain way.’
Then Lefty, I saw a true miracle happen in that courtroom that day.
Now, for robbin’ that bank, yeah, I was sent away,
But I pert near passed out when I heard that judge say,
‘I’m not gonna sentence you to hang, instead I’ll let ya keep on livin‘.
And Son, I just pray that you understand the gift you’ve been given.’
As I was back in my cell later that night, I felt a stir down deep.
I knew it was the Savior, and I just broke down and began to weep.
I cried out, ‘Lord, how can that man forgive me for what I’ve done?’
Then I heard, ‘Because he knows Me through the blood of My Son.’
I gave my life to Jesus that night, and when from prison I got a release,
There stood Preach at the gates, and he could tell that I’d found peace.
He handed me the reins to a right pretty mare, and ever since that day,
Me and ol’ Preach, we been ridin’ together, followin’ in the Lord’s Way.
So Lefty, I gotta tell ya, this is how I truly feel.
Men like Preach, you don’t find too often--that man’s the real deal.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

First Sabbath Obsevation--A Report

July 23. 2011

Here's the report on the trial run at observing a Sabbath for my family. I feel it has been a success. There were one or two glitches, but that's to be expected.

After I wrote my post for Friday, I fed and watered animals, fixed a simple breakfast, and started in on cleanin’ the house.

One of the goodies I purchased at the book sale on Thursday was a set of CDs that taught on prosperity. I usually steer clear of that kind of teachin’, since the way it is often taught is just not scriptural. I do believe in prosperity, since the Bible teaches it--I just don’t believe because you are a Christian you automatically win the God Lotto with extra Powerball bonus, and that if you don’t--you have no faith.

But I decided that for 20 cents, I’d give these CDs a chance, and if they were the typical blather--I’d use ‘em for target shootin’.

Turns out they were very good, and I listened to them while I cleaned house. I washed dishes, made beds, scrubbed, dusted and organized, then finally swept and mopped my floor. It was so clean, I wasn’t sure it was MY house! I mean, my home is kept clean, but this time I put a little extra ‘torque’ in my elbow greasin’, ya dig?

The house was ready, so I put some thought into the evenin’ meal. I chose to make lasagna roll-ups, a salad and spinach. I got all that put together, then rested as I wrote my pen pal a reply to her latest letter, and read a bit more in Gretchen Rubin’s THE HAPPINESS PROJECT. I'm really enjoyin’ a lot of her observations about happiness, and I think I may even try my own project, but since I am basically a happy person anyway, I decided to work on increasin’ my intimacy with my heavenly Father. Come to think of it--when you increase that, ya pretty much increase your chances of bein’ happy, doncha?

Anyway, after a short rest, I got up and did the afternoon feedin’, then decided to look through another 20 cent bargain I had found--a 1992 SOUTHERN LIVING end of the year cookbook. I love readin’ cookbooks, and I hope to write my own E-cook book sometime.

As I was searchin’ the pages for ideas for future menus, I came across a recipe for DIAMOND FUDGE. It called for chocolate chips, butter, peanut butter and confectioner’s sugar. I had all that on hand, and since I had a package of chocolate chips that had accidentally been left in a hot kitchen and basically turned into a lump once rechilled, I figured it would be a great way to use them up.

I got all the ingredients out, measured, melted and poured it all into the buttered pan. I took it out to the pantry fridge to set overnight just as the Redneck came home. About that time the roll-ups finished cookin’, and we had a nice quiet dinner. We all had baths, then settled in for the evenin’, readin’ and shuttin’ out the light early.

This mornin, after a wonderful night’s sleep (no 3:45 a.m. alarm--HEAVENLY), we got up, I put canines out to go potty, turned on the coffee pot, and began my next special meal for Sabbath--waffles and bacon.

We spent the mornin’ feedin’, waterin’, and workin’ with animals. After a couple of hours, we all trooped back into the house and decided to just chill for a time. Brian napped, Obie listened to his music, and I read my Bible chunk for the day, plus some more of THE HAPPINESS PROJECT.

When Brian came to (trust me--he sleeps SOUNDLY) he asked, “why don’t we run into town and get the stuff for hamburgers for tonight?”

Ladies, I almost said, “No--we aren’t goin’ anywhere, we are SUPPOSED TO BE RESTIN’ AND HAVIN’ A PEACEFUL DAY!”

But instead, I said, “Sure, Baby, if that’s what you wanna do, it sounds great.”

DO YOU FOLKS REALIZE HOW HARD THAT WAS? I had MY idea of how OUR Sabbath should go, and here my husband was tryin’ to MESS IT UP!

My flesh just slunk outta the room. I think I embarrassed it.

We drove into town, picked up the stuff we would need, then returned home. After unloadin’ the truck and puttin' stuff away, Obie enjoyed a nice long soak in the tub, then I helped him get shaved (seriously, sometimes he is so enthusiastic with the safety razor--I'm scared he'll take his nose off!).

We did the evenin' feedin, then made hamburgers. We all enjoyed a few episodes of NCIS Season 2 on DVD, then hit the rack for another wonderful night’s sleep.

All in all I think we had a good day. Even though we still ran to town for something--it was a trip that led to the furtherin’ of our enjoyment, or delight, of the day. I look forward to our next Sabbath, and I am already plannin’ the food and possible things to do. I feel that Dan Allender is right when he says that,

“Sabbath is not about time off or a break in routine. It is not a mini vacation to give us a respite so we are better prepared to go back to work. The Sabbath is far more than a diversion; it is meant to be an encounter with God’s delight.”

Although this first Sabbath was more of a day of simple rest, it has provided a jumpin’ off place for creatin’ times of refreshing and even preparin’ for Sunday worship. If we are all relaxed from a day of rest, and the biggest chores to get ready for church and work on Monday have already been taken care of on Friday--then it makes sense that we will be less stressed and our hearts more open to whatever God wants to bless us with as we enter His house of worship. If we are not worryin’ about where we are gonna have lunch (or more important, if the sermon will end soon enough so we can beat the Methodists to the noon buffet!), we can relax and concentrate on really singin’ TO God--not just mouthin’ the words to the praise songs. We can actually hear what the preacher has to say from the Word--not checkin’ our watches ‘cause we wanna go home and get a badly needed nap in. We can take the time to fellowship with others after church and get to know each other, thus growin’ closer in our relationships with other Christians.

I think I’m on to somethin’ here...

Well, I got chores. Later, ya’ll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

New Way To Post, 90 Day Bible Readin' Plan, Bargains And Sabbath Experiment

July 22, 2011

Today begins a new method of writing my blog entries--as I stated in the previous post, I will be writing an entry each day, and then when I am in town the next time, I will post them in chronological order. Then all you have to do is go back to the last date you read a post, and you can start from there to catch up. I figure this will give you some more to read if you wish, along with helpin' me to develop a more disciplined approach to my writing.

So.....where to start today? Well, after sendin' my beloved Redneck off to his job at 5 a.m. this mornin', I took my cup of green tea back up to the loft, and I had my prayer time. I had a lot of catchin' up to do, since I had been lax in both my prayer and Bible study the past week or so. I had been readin' good Christian based books in the meantime, and they have helped me, but they cannot replace the time one spends in the Word itself. There is just somethin' about scripture that FEEDS the human spirit and refreshes the heart, mind, body and soul.

I have been doin' the 90 Day Extreme Bible Reading Plan (, and I am really enjoyin' it. Yes, I am behind a few days at least, but I am not out to beat a time. I like how the plan gives you a nice sized chunk of Scripture to read each day. Whenever I have tried to read the Bible in a year plans, I never get a sense of havin' actually READ anything, the portions are too small. But this 90 Day Plan really gives me enough readin' to draw me into the story, and I find myself takin' notes for further study. I think Preach and our music minister, Rusty, either love it or hate it when they see me comin' with a note pad! They know I'm either gonna show them an insight that will be funny from God's Word (and believe me--there is a LOT of humor in the Bible, ya just gotta keep your eyes open), or I'm gonna hit 'em with a question that makes 'em go, "Whoa--I gotta look that up!"

This mornin' I finished Nehemiah, one of my most favorite books. It is the story of how Nehemiah, the cup bearer to a king, was burdened to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, and how God worked through the king and the people to complete the task. It also shows how in order to complete the works that God has given us in our own lives, that we must be truly committed and dedicated to what He has assigned us. We must not let ourselves be distracted or discouraged by what others say or how hard something may be. We must stand firm and fearless in the face of opposition. We need to address obstacles with faith and prayer. There are many verses in this book about how Nehemiah prayed to God and called to remembrance the many miracles He had done, not only in the creation of heaven and earth, but of His persistent mercy and grace on His people, even when they had gone against His Law. You wanna get brave in the face of opposition? Do you wonder why in the world God would help you, as much as you screw up? Read how many times God delivered His people and protected them throughout the Bible--even when they messed up--and these guys should have KNOWN BETTER! Start callin’ to your mind how He guided that stone from David’s sling into the forehead of the giant and ‘kilt him good’. Read how He used Gideon, a guy who was so scared he was beatin’ out wheat in a winepress so he wouldn’t be seen by the Midianites (Judges 6:11) to lead an army of 300 men to take on and defeat a much larger and better equipped enemy force. AND He did it by the Israelites breakin’ pottery, blowin’ horns, and shoutin’ “The sword for the Lord and Gideon!” This freaked out the Midianites so bad, they started runnin, away, and then they began fightin’ EACH OTHER!

Read that kind of stuff, and ya get a real sense of just Who is doin’ the REAL fightin’ in your life.

God is just so KEWL!

Okay--on to a little bit of other stuff. Yesterday I found a sale on books at a local thrift shop, 5 for a $1, and I made out like a bandit. I found 10 books that I could use, all for $2 plus tax. Mostly Christian books, like readin’ the Bible a book at a time, and stuff like that, but I also got SLOW AND STEADY, GET ME READY, a really good book on development for children. I also found a book on housekeepin’,, HOW TO RUN YOUR HOUSE WITHOUT LETTING IT RUN YOU. It’s a compilation of hints and tips from FARM JOURNAL Magazine, edited by Jean Gillies. It was published in 1973, but there are a lot of great ideas in it that are still valid for today. I think I’ll be quotin’ from it now and then in posts as I find things ya’ll might like to know.

One other thing. It’s Friday mornin’, and I will be workin’ to prepare for the Sabbath. I have decided to make as much preparation as I can so that my family can truly keep Sabbath. I don’t think it has anything to do with my salvation, but I have been observin’ that when we just simply REST on that day, we seem to do better the rest of the week. So I am gonna see just what happens as we truly begin to observe the Sabbath. I found a book titled appropriately, SABBATH, by Dan B. Allender. It’s part of THE ANCIENT PRACTICES SERIES, and I would love to read the other books. In the Sabbath book, the author proposes the question,
“What would you do for 24 hours if the only criteria were to pursue your deepest joys?” He helps the reader to see the Sabbath in a new light, as God originally intended it--a festival that celebrates God and His relationship with His creation--us. I’ll keep ya’ll posted on how things work.

Well, I got chores. Later ya’ll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Hot, Purgin',The Revenge Of Jane Austen, And Homestead Blessings DVD Series

July 21, 2011

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, but it has been hotter than blue blazes around here, so we have spent a lot of time stayin' cool. We have been unable to go for walks for almost two weeks now. My left leg got wrenched a few times, and until I get to the chiropractor--I'm pretty much grounded, 'cause it hurts too much to walk these hills. Obie is goin' monkey crackers, since he loves to walk as much as I do.

There isn't even a lot to photograph lately, since it's so dry. Plants are dyin' off--even the berry bushes are burnt. I've only seen one of my favorite butterflies, but I got a photo of it.

I'm prayin' for rain--a good frog choker would be lovely.

Since we've been stuck inside during the hottest part of the day, I've been sortin' through stuff--I've had the 'urge to purge' lately. I don't own a lot of things as it is, but I have really been goin' through what I DO have, and doin' what my friend Eleanor calls 'Gem or Rock'. What you do is you look at something and decide if it is a gem or a rock in your life.

Why are you lookin' at me like that? Pay attention, I'll explain.

A GEM is something that you own, something that you do, an attitude, a habit, or even a person you may have in your life that is valuable and enriches your existence as a human being.

A ROCK, on the other hand.....simply weighs you down, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It distracts you from your true purpose in life, and it drains you of joy and life.

Pretty simple, huh?

So, I've been playin' Gem or Rock, and I was amazed at all the Rocks I have been carryin' around with me. Mostly attitudes, which we all struggle with--worry, pessimism, doubt--but I've also had to purge some relationships that had been turnin' toxic for a long time.

But don't worry--the Redneck is still here!

Let's see....keepin' cool, purgin'...ah yes--my latest episode concernin' Jane Austen.

I had read that Austen had written a Gothic novel in her career, NORTHANGER ABBEY. I was curious to read it, and last week I came across the BBC production of the book at the library. I had enjoyed their versions of SENSE AND SENSIBILITY and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, so I snapped it up.

I finally got to sit down and watch it this mornin' after chores. It was a tad slow at first, but it began to really get interestin' as it went along. I was drawn into the tale of Katherine, a young woman who is addicted to gothic novels, and who daydreams about this fantasy world. She is invited to go to Bath for the season, and she meets people who are very different from her everyday life.

And yes--there was a woman I wanted to smack the tar out of--isn't there always one?

Well, anyway, I was goin' along and enjoyin' the story and the actor's work, when the first half of the show ended and I went to turn the DVD over to watch the second episode.

My player kept tellin' me it was unable to read the disk. I could not see the end of the show.


Now, you KNOW Jane Austen is kickin' up her heels, laughin' her ladylike backside off. Here I am, the woman who trashed her MANSFIELD PARK novel, and I am DEVASTATED that I can't watch the last half of NORTHANGER ABBEY!

Go ahead and laugh, Janey--I'm laughin' too.

I am now lookin' for another copy of the DVD. If I come across the book, I'll read it, but I really wanna see the movie also.

I also got to see AMERICAN SCARY last weekend. It's a documentary about horror show hosts, their history and the future of the industry. It was great--they talked about Vampira, Zacherley, and Ghoulardi, along with many others.

Hey--I grew up watchin' these kinds of things, and they are so much fun. I was thrilled to find that there are still many of these folks around the country, and that there are even horror hosts branchin' out on the internet.

Now--what I am really excited to tell ya'll about is the HOMESTEAD BLESSINGS DVD series from FRANKLIN SPRINGS FAMILY MEDIA. I had seen a video trailer for the series on YouTube, and I wanted a chance to see one of them to find if they might be worth buyin' for my own collection.

Well, I found three of them at the library. There was the ART OF QUILTING, THE ART OF CANDLE MAKING, and THE ART OF SOAP MAKING. I brought them home and watched all three one day.


The DVDs feature four beautiful ladies, a mom and her daughters (Hannah, Vicki, CeCe and Jasmine) as they show the viewer how to perform various steps for many of the skills that used to be passed down from one generation to the next. Not only are 'The West Ladies' wonderful instructors--they quickly become the friends we all would love to have next door, you know the ones we all dream about as we embark on a simpler lifestyle. These would be the ladies who would invite us over to help with the canning, quilting and baking, just so they would have the honor of helping us learn the arts of domesticity. I am SO gonna order the series.( If you get a chance to see these DVDS--I highly recommend them.

I guess that's all for now--I did want to let ya'll know that I am changin' the way I do the blog, startin' with the next posting. I'll be writin' a post a day while I'm home, and then when I come into town, I'll post them all in chronological order. All you will have to do is go back to the date of the last time you read the blog, and start from there. I just can't get everything I wanna say into one single post, so this way I can concentrate on what I wanna say in each one--plus it will help me to stay disciplined in my writin'.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Who Do I Think I Am?

July 7, 2011

Okay, um....hang with me, 'cause I am really not certain just WHERE this is goin' today. All I know is that this was on my heart and mind when I woke up yesterday mornin', and I want to talk about it with ya'll.

I am on FACEBOOK, and many times I post scripture in my status and talk about how awesome God is, just like many of the folks I know. My FB page is open to anyone to read, since I figure that if someone comes across the scriptures and other things I post, then maybe it will get them thinkin' about their own relationship with God, and what they need to do about it. Here on my blog, I also try to let folks know about my faith in a way that is real, by relatin' stories of my own experiences. I ain't preachin'--I'm just talkin'. If I tell ya'll the truth--it's up to YOU what ya do with it.

Well, I've started hearin' that little voice in my head--you know the one, the one that when you're in church singin' and praisin' God and you're just about to lift up your hands in praise, and it says, "You're only doin' that to look holy." Or, my personal favorite, "Yeah! Lift your hands and everyone will think you're really holy!"

Yeesh--all that junk in your brain, and all ya wanna do is worship the Father. Trust me--don't listen to that mook--he's called the accuser of the brethren for a reason. (Revelation 12:10)

Well, anyway, here it comes, rantin’ about how DARE I think I am a 'good Christian', and WHO DO I THINK I AM to post about God and tell the world about Him?

Hmmmm...good question.

Well, who DO I think I am? Why would God use ME, of all people, to tell others about Him? I'm nothing like many of my Christian sisters who blog. I am not sweet and soft spoken like Mrs. White at Legacy of Home( I don't have the tender gentility of Marqueta at Sweete Felicity( I don't have the eloquence of Lady Lydia at Home Living ( I don't even have the simple wisdom of Carmen at Life Blessons (

Okay, so let's look at the many OTHER reasons He would use me....

Looks? (Oh stop laughin'--I may not be Halle Berry, but I ain't dogmeat) Nope--the Bible says that while man looks at outward appearances, God looks at the heart. (1Samuel 16:7)

My wit? Well, maybe HALF. (you'll get that later and laugh, trust me)

My charm? Oh PULEEZE. My mother once sent me to a charm school when I was in Jr. High, in a desperate attempt to turn me into a 'lady'. *AHEM*. We all see how well THAT worked out. I'm still just me, rough edges and all. Proverbs 31 states that charm is deceitful. (verse 30) Charm will tell you just what you want to hear and stroke your ego enough to get you to do what it wants you to (remember Eve and the serpent? kinda gives 'snake charmer' a whole new meaning, doesn't it?). I've been 'charmed' enough to know that I don't like where it leads me, and I am not gonna do that to others.

Ah, I know--my INTELLIGENCE! (okay, now I'M laughin') Look, I have got 'book smarts' out the wazoo--I am a learnin' machine. I can research and find things out that other folks have no clue where to begin lookin'. If I have any real addiction in my life--it's learnin'.

So what? God is not impressed with all the knowledge, and I am not so smart I can go on Jeopardy. Solomon even said in Ecclesiastes that “he who increases in knowledge increases sorrow.” (verse 1:18) I’m not sayin’ don’t learn--I’m sayin’ don’t get all proud about it. Just ‘cause you know how to make manure without a cow(long story--don’t ask), doesn’t mean you need to boast about it. All the knowledge in the world is useless if you don’t know God through His Son Jesus Christ.

Okay, so we have ruled out looks, wit, charm and intelligence. What else?

I got it! MY GOODNESS.

Nope, sorry.

I am not a good person.

Oh, I do good things, I try to help others, I go to church and read the Bible and pray. I give blood and I return my library books on time. None of that makes me good.

Jesus said there is none good but God. (Matthew 19:17) Now, as a Christian, all my sins are covered by the blood Jesus shed on the cross because I chose to believe in the sacrifice He made for me. As a result, when God looks at me, He doesn’t see the miserable failure that I am. No, He see me with the eyes of a loving Father, Who sees what I am becoming through my relationship with Jesus Christ. He sees me as righteous, because I have put on Jesus, and Jesus is righteous. NOT ME. Scripture says that my righteousness, if I even had any, is as filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6). We’re not talkin’ old clothes rags--the words used here are the ones used to describe menstrual rags. When a woman was ‘in her time’, she was considered unclean. THAT is how much any so called ‘goodness’ of mine is worth.

Well, then, Why would God use me for ANYTHING, let alone tell folks about Him and what He can do in their lives? If I am such a screw up--if I fall down all the time (and believe me....I smack the dirt every day folks. Some days are just harder hits than others.) why would He use me?

Because I KNOW I’m a screw up, and I don’t hide it from the world. I don't have what Preach calls 'spiritual amnesia'. I remember EXACTLY what my life was like before I came to Christ. Because you can look at ME, see MY failures, and know that if He loved ME enough to send His Son, Jesus, to die the most horrendous death I could ever imagine, just so He could save ME from the consequences of MY OWN stupidity, just so He could claim ME as His child, and live with ME for eternity, just so I could have peace in MY life and not be afraid of anything ever again....

....doncha think that gives other folks who fail hope?

I’m not a preacher. I have no holiness other than what my relationship to Jesus gives me. I fail every day and have to start all over each time by askin’ for forgiveness. I cry out to God every day to help me ‘cause I have screwed up AGAIN. Life does not always go my way. I am not always happy. I don’t always act in love or wisdom. I am selfish, self-centered, prideful and just plain ignorant at times (okay, most days--alright--EVERY DAY!).

But I know this one thing, and I NEVER have to doubt it.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16.

Who do I think I am? I don’t think it--I KNOW who I am. I am a child of the Most High God. I am a sinner saved by grace. I am not better than anyone else on this earth. I have a commission (Mark 16:15) from Jesus to tell the world about Him and what He has done, is doing and will continue doing in my life until His return. (Philippians 1:6)

So....who do you think YOU are?

Well, I got chores. Later ya’ll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quiet Fourth--Hospitality

July 5, 2011

I hope ya'll had a wonderful 4th of July. Ours was quiet and restful. My Beloved Redneck put a brisket in the smoker early Saturday mornin', and he let it slow cook until around 1 p.m. of the 4th. Talk about some good eatin'--my Baby can do up briskets! He used hickory from our trees, and oh good grief.....nummy!

I kept things simple for the rest of the meal. I bought potato salad instead of my home made dish, plus I opened a couple of cans of baked beans and canned corn. I did make bread from scratch in the bread machine, however.

Now, after all the yammerin' I do about cookin' from scratch, why would I use processed foods?



Look, there are some times when all that is required is a simple meal, not a major production. I've done a lot of those in my day, and I tell ya--it would sometimes turn into a nightmare.

I recently read in one of Joyce Meyer's books about how she used to do the exact same thing I once did. She would invite a couple or two over for hotdogs, chips and visitin'. However, that simple event always got turned into a much more complex hullabaloo. She would end up decidin' to have steaks instead, she invited more folks, she cooked a lot more complicated food, she had to clean like a fiend, buy new lawn furniture, on and on and on.

She would get so crazed about the 'simple' meal that she would be stuck in the kitchen and resentin' the very folks she asked over!

Oh, heavenly Father--I been there, done that!

I used to make home made potato salad, baked beans, a mixed salad, home made bread(NOT from the machine, no sirree--it had to be by HAND), home made BBQ sauce--TWO kinds, hot and regular, at least two desserts that were specialties of mine, corn on the cob, raw veggies to snack on, sweet tea, lemonade(home made with a sugar syrup and fresh lemons). All this to go with the brisket the Redneck had made.

Now, of course, I had to make certain we had a nice area to eat in--so we had built a 'cantina' in our yard. And we always had music playin'. One of our friends once commented that we didn't just have meals--we had EVENTS.

I ended up, just like Joyce Meyer, doin' all the prep work, all the servin' and all the clean up. By the time I got to sit down and just relax and visit with our friends--everyone else had already visited, eaten, and was ready to go home.

Now--what did I get out of all that work? Gee, I got to be known as a great cook, hostess, all that stuff--but I never got to just BE at my own party!

Oh, don't misunderstand me--I still enjoy goin' all out at times for my family and guests. The difference is, I am more focused on the PEOPLE I am havin' in my home than in the 'pride and prestige' of bein' an overworked, resentful hostess who wonders just why the heck I EVER wanted to learn to cook in the first place!

There is a story in the book of Luke, chapter 10:38-42, in which two sisters, Mary and Martha, welcomed Jesus into their home. Now Martha was a lot like me and Joyce--she wanted to put on a good feed for her guest, so she was zippin' around, doin' everything she could to be a good hostess.

Her sister Mary, however, was sittin' at the feet of the Messiah, listenin' to every word He had to say, and just worshipin' Him.

Well, Martha got hacked off, and decided to give the Lord an earful about how her sister wasn't doin' her part, and how He should shame Mary into helpin' Martha in the kitchen.

Boy, did SHE get a surprise.

Jesus looked up and said, "Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her."

Basically I think He was sayin', "Martha--sweetie, ya gotta stop and think here about what is more important. Is it that you work yourself to death tryin' to impress Me (which doesn't work, by the way), or is it more important to hear what I have to teach you about God and your relationship with Him? Now come on, just slide that pan of biscuits across the table, and RELAX!"

I think that we as women often get so caught up in wantin' to do the 'good' stuff--makin' a good impression on folks, makin' our hubbies proud, etc--that we miss the 'Best Stuff'--ministerin' through hospitality.

Yes, I do still see to it that the cantina area is clean and that Lynyrd Skynyrd is playin' on the stereo, and I may just make up some kind of special dessert. However, I make certain that I am focused on the FOLKS I have at my home, and that I am ministerin' hospitality to them--not hopin' for praise about my hard work. Ya know what? I still get compliments for my efforts, and folks enjoy my company a lot more when I am present. I am not rushed and exhausted at the end of the evenin', and my husband gets a happy companion after everyone else goes home--and THAT is more important than anything else I may get out of hostessin'. When he says, 'good job, Baby." well, it don't get no better than that!

Look, simple livin' just means you get quality results for your efforts. And to me, those results include peace of mind--not anxiety.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Friday, July 1, 2011

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! And A Tale Of A Childhood Church Mystery

This lovely lady is a bit blurred, but I was drivin' up the road when I saw her, so I grabbed my camera and started SLOWLY easin' up the road towards her while I took photos. I was still pretty far away and had to crop this photo just to get this image. Her baby came out just then and they took off.

July 1, 2011

First let me say Happy Independence Day to all ya'll, since I plan to stay at home all weekend, except for church. The Redneck bought a brisket, we are cuttin' hickory wood for the smoker, and we will have a small family celebration at home. Not even doin' fireworks this year--I'm keepin' it as simple as I can.

We take so many things for granted in this country. I lived in a few cultures outside the U.S., and I am tellin' you--we are more than blessed here, and yet we complain if we don't have the car model we want, or if we don't have a huge house, or, heaven forbid--they vote the wrong person off the island!

Especially as Christians, we don't appreciate the freedoms we have to worship openly, or that we are not dragged from our churches and imprisoned for our faith. Instead, we get all tangled up in what is the right way to dress, which translation of the Bible we read, what do we eat, etc.

When I was a kid, I never knew that there were things called 'denominations'. Yes, I knew there were Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, and Jews--I just didn't understand they were different. I was 12 before I realized there were no BAPTIST nuns! Heck, I thought we all worked for the same BOSS--we were just all assigned to different departments.

Once, when I was a little girl, one of the local Baptist preachers came to my grandparent's house (I was raised by them), and began to berate my grandmother for not sendin' me to church. She agreed that I would attend from then on, and so each Sunday mornin' I would get up, get dressed, and head up into town to church(this was in a small town back in the 60's--no thought anything about a little kid walkin' to church by themselves back then).

Well, after time went by--here comes the Baptist preacher again, and he is wearin' that LOOK they all used to get--if you grew up in a small town, you know the one I'm talkin' about.

"Ella," says he. "I thought we agreed that Evelyn would start goin' to church on Sunday."

My grandmother agreed that yes indeed, they had, and I had been goin' every Sunday since."

"Ella, that little girl has not been in church since the first month she started coming."

Now this was a puzzle to Granny, because she HAD been sendin' me, and afterwards she always asked me what I had learned. I always had an answer, so she never thought twice about it. She called me in from play and asked me if I had truly been attendin' church.

"Yes'm," I said.

"Now, Evelyn," says the preacher. "You know you shouldn't lie. You haven't been in chirch at all."

I insisted that I had, he basically called me a liar--and THAT got my grandfather involved. His voice came quietly, but very powerfully from his chair across the room.

"Why don't you ask her WHERE she has been goin' to church?"

The preacher looked at my grandfather like he had lost his mind, but after the old man stared him down for a few minutes, he turned and asked me where I had been goin'".

"The other church," I said.

"What other church?"

"The one across the street from your church."

That happened to be the local Methodist Church.

"But--but--why would you do that?" he asked.

"They don't yell, so I can understand what the preacher says better," I replied.

You see, the Baptist preacher was a "HARDSHELL" Baptist--he would shout, scream, jump pews and pound the pulpit, yellin' about hellfire and damnation. While there are times when that is a needed thing--I was only a little kid, and it freaked me out. I couldn't understand what he said half the time, because he would yell and rant so much I would get confused.

One Sunday mornin' I just decided to cross the street and see what the other church was like. It was nice, it was QUIET, and I was able to understand what the preacher said when he talked.

My grandfather said quietly, "Well, she's goin' to church after all--imagine that." He then turned his chair away and was silent.

That preacher wasn't happy, but he wasn't stupid either. He left without another critcal word, and I went back to playin'.

I'm not sayin' that you should just let a kid go anywhere he wants to church--things are vastly different these days, and I would screen ANY church before I would let my kids go there alone. I'm just sayin' that maybe we should stop worryin' about what makes us all different, and start lookin' at  what makes us ONE IN CHRIST. Like our Preach says--stop worryin' about how to DO church, and start BEIN' the church.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett