Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Wall--Pink Floyd Got It Wrong

June 23, 2011

I just learned the most awesomely absolute COOLEST thing!

I have a new EVERY DAY LIFE Bible, Amplified version, that I bought a few months back, and I am finally gettin' used to it. It really helped when I got tabs for the pages so I could learn where all the books are. Until then I kept just goin' back my old New King James version (wait--can you HAVE an OLD New Kings James? Never mind.). But now, I reach for the newer Bible more and more, and I think it is just great. There are all kinds of notes, scripture referrals, suggestions for applyin' the Word to my own life, all kinds of goodies. I still use my NKJV, simply because you cannot beat the beauty and flow of the language. Also, just like an old teddy bear that has been loved to the fallin' apart stages, my old Bible is just perfect to read when I am not lookin' to study, but instead I just want to sink deep into the velvet comfort of God's promises.

Okay--I digress (again).

I was readin' in the book of Joshua this mornin', and I came upon the story of Jericho. You know the one, where the Israelite army marched around the city of Jericho once each day for six days, in total silence. Then on the seventh day, they marched around it seven times, and when the priests blew the trumpets, they all shouted, and the walls collapsed.

Now, while that in and of itself is cool--it ain't what I found so amazing. Check this out...

You know how we all think that Jericho was such a humongous city? I mean, come on--I have read that the walls were so thick that a chariot pulled by horses could circle around the city on the top of them. You just figure that the city had to have been a major metropolitan area, right?

Well, dig this--I found a footnote at the bottom of the page from Joshua 6:15. It's a reference to the fact that the army marched around the city seven times in one day. The footnote went on to explain that archeological expeditions to Jericho have determined that this 'mighty' city was only about SEVEN ACRES across! I live on TEN acres, and I can traverse the whole place in a short time easily.

What? You're not impressed? You think the fact that the city was so small takes away from the miracle of the walls fallin' down? Dude--you ain't seein' the big picture. It makes the miracle even BIGGER!

Now, what ya gotta understand it this--satan has a really good trick of makin' problems seem a lot bigger than they really are. He tries to get us to look at the walls that are surroundin' those problems, instead of focusin' our eyes on the SOLVER of said problems. He convinces us that those walls are too hard to get over, around or under to get at the actual problems.

Let's say you have a problem happenin' in your life, and it looks really huge and unfixable. Like, if you feel the Lord is callin' you to a job in a certain field, but you have to go to school, but you can't swing the tuition. So you sit around and moan about how you can't get ahead in life, all because of the wall of 'lack of cash'. You have no idea what to do to, and after you rack your brains for days tryin' to reason out a solution on your own, you turn to God for help (hey, brainiac--ya shoulda gone to Him FIRST! I'm just sayin'....).

Okay, you pray, and leave the solution in the Lord's hands. You have peace that your goal is the right one, and you are trustin' Him to show you what to do. You go about your life, doin' everything you need to do, and in the meantime, since YOU got outta God's way, HE can start to work on that wall.

Oh yeah, this is also where you get to start marchin' around the wall, in SILENCE. Yeah, that means, stop whinin', start listenin'. Don't kvetch, don't argue, don't call up the school and start screamin' that the tuition is too high, don't gripe to all your friends that you can't get a break.

In other words, you need to be like when Joshua told the Israelite army in Joshua 6:10,

"But Joshua commanded the people, 'you shall not shout or let your voice be heard, nor shall any word proceed out of your mouth until the day I tell you to shout!'"


Now, let's review.

You have a problem, or 'city' to take, but it has a big wall around it, makin' your job look harder. You have sought God's council, and you know that He is in control, so you start lookin' at things from the viewpoint of a believer, not a whiner. You live each day as it comes, lookin' for the opportunity that you know is comin'.

And it does...

One day you are goin' along, say surfin' the internet, and you come across a news story about school funding for people with one blue eye and one green eye (do NOT laugh--there are weirder scholarships than that out there--even one for left handed people). Well, guess what YOU have for peepers?

You call the phone number, you get the paperwork sent to you, fill it out, return it, and lo and behold, you don't get the funding.


Don't get your log in a jam, I ain't done yet.

You don't get the funding, but you DO get a call from someone on the selection committee who says that they were impressed with your application, and they are looking for someone to do a PAID apprenticeship in the very field you are aimin' for, AND that if you excel in this program, you get the same credentials as if you went to the school.

Now, is that knockin' down a wall, or what?

Basically, what I'm sayin' here is that problems aren't the problem--we actually NEED a few problems to solve in our lives. They help keep us sharp mentally and make life interestin'. Also, some problems let us know that we gotta be doin' SOMETHIN' right for God's kingdom, or we wouldn't be constantly under attack from the enemy as he tries to get us to just give up, go sit in the corner and play with our toes.

No, the real problem is the WALL around the problem we need to solve. Jericho was just another city of Canaanites for the Israelites to defeat as they progressed into the Promised land, and it was a SMALL city at that. But that WALL kept them from bein' able to take the city. By bein' obedient to God, they not only knocked down the wall, they did it in such a way that there was NO DOUBT that God was with them, which got the other cities they had to defeat pretty darn spooked. Hey, if I were a Canaanite, and I heard about those walls goin' down like they did? I'd figure that if God did that to Jericho, a literal walled stronghold--then sweetcheeks, MY city was next to become rubble on a stick. I would suddenly 'hear' from a distant relative who wanted me to come help with the harvest, and I would be scootin' my boots outta Canaan.

Those walls lookin' pretty shaky right now?

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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