Thursday, June 9, 2011

I've Been So Busy, I Dunno If I Found A Rope Or Lost My Horse.....

June 9, 2011

Wow--what a week it has been! After a week of takin' care of a bunch of errands for the Redneck, the weekend got us started off to an even BUSIER time!

We ran down to Texas on Saturday to take care of a few things, then on Sunday, our little cowboy church celebrated its third anniversary. It's hard to believe that only three years ago, a few folks sat under an old open barn that had a history of bein' used to brew illegal whiskey years ago, and in faith began a work that would grow to its present state. I am always blown away by what God can do with what most people would consider worthless (sort of like what He has done with my life!). If you have seen my post GRACE COUNTRY COWBOY CHURCH, A VITUAL TOUR, you have seen how the barn has been turned into a nice little church. However, long before all the carpentry work was done, that old open barn was a holy place, where folks gathered together to sit on hay bales or old foldin' chairs to worship the Lord and serve Him. The altar in those days was just a few bales with saddle blankets draped over them, but several lives, includin' my own, were changed when folks knelt before them and shed holy tears. There have been a few changes over the last few years, but what has never changed has been the determination to let God be GOD, in our services, our outreach, and in our lives. We allow Him to do what He wants, and we thank Him for allowin' us to be a part of it.

Well, as I said, it was our third anniversary, and while we were gettin' the basics done durin' the service, I looked over and got a wonderful surprise. Sam Hester, a gospel singer who is just awesone, walked in the door of the barn. I had just been thinkin' that he hadn't been here to sing in a while, and I really wanted to hear him again. I was so flipped out when I saw him! Imagine John Goodman with a beard, Jerry Clower's humor, and the 'git-fiddlin' talent of a honky tonkin' music man, all rolled into one, and annointed by God to preach the gospel. Yup--that's Sam! I jumped up and got him a big cup of coffee from the urn, 'cause I know he likes that "perk-Q-lated" coffee. He got up, sang, preached and just blessed the stuffin' outta our little fellowship.

After church, The Redneck had his hair cut for LOCKS OF LOVE (, an organization that takes hair donated by individuals and transforms it into wigs for children who have lost hair due to illness. Our friend, Susie Holly-Bull, did the honors, and as you can see from the photos--she did an awesome job.

The crucial first snips. I gotta admit, I was a little sad to see this, but I knew it goes to a good cause.

We have separated from the 'mother ship'!

Here is the braid. Looks a bit sad and forlorn right now, doesn't it?

Now for the fun part--turnin' his 'reverse mullet' into somethin' worth lookin' at!

Um, no.....not what I had in mind......

TaDA! I mean it--isn't he just too cute to shoot?

Well, after church, we went back up the mountain to handle afternoon chores, rest a bit, then we were back at church for a cookout and the start of our church's first revival.

One of our guys rode a Harley to the cookout. Obie got this big grin just STANDIN' by it--can you imagine if he got to RIDE it? We are definite 'hawg' fans in our family!

There were ropin' contests--seems like this little cowpoke got a bit tied up in his efforts!

One of the outreaches we do at cowboy church is a biker ministry. Here's Greg Miller, Preach (with his back to the camera), and a local biker.

This is Brailey, Greg's daughter, on her grandpa's Harley, givin' her best model look for the camera!

And of course, there were hamburgers and hotdogs--along with home made ice cream! Obie got his share of the goodies!

Here is Preach on the left, and Ray Perryman, the evangelist who preached revival. Ray is the real deal. He's funny, talented, and doesn't sugarcoat the gospel of Christ. He did some awesome preachin' over the next few days!

This is Garret, one of the young men in our church. He was baptized in the water trough one night after revival meetin'. The little guy outside the trough is Ransom, Preach's little boy. I'm not certain about his expression here--either he's worried about Garret, or else he's wantin' his turn in the 'pool'!

Well, I gotta tell ya--it was an amazin' few days, and we are all feelin' a difference in our lives from the services Ray preached. I'll be postin' a link to Ray's ministry web site, SHORT ROUND MINISTRIES on the right side of the blog. Ray sells CDs and T-shirts, and all proceeds go to help fund the work of spreadin' the gospel, so I hope ya'll will check it out.

As you can imagine, we have been hoppin' around here lately, and I am thankful to announce that next week the Redneck has a vacation, and we are lookin' forward to relaxin' a bit. We are plannin' a day trip to the Confederate Museum around Atoka--I hope to have some photos to post.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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  1. Dear Evelyn,

    I love the haircut! Locks of Love is a great charity.

    I'm glad that your little church is blossoming; I love the baptismal font!