Thursday, June 16, 2011

Had A Chance To Post Just A Few Things, So Here Goes...

June 16, 2011

Hi Ya'll!As I mentioned last week, my Beloved Redneck was off work all of this last week, and so I wouldn't be postin' much of anything, 'cause, well, let's face it--he's cuter than any of ya'll, and I wanna spend time with him!

We had to run down to a friend's house today, and she has internet, so after everyone else went to bed, I decided to stay up and post a few goodies while I had the chance.

Here are two tiny surprises that I saw one day while feedin' my animals. I heard this chirpin' and tweetin' above my head, and there were these little guys, just havin' a heck of a conversation! I think they are a type of parakeet, but I had never seen a bright red one before.

You can see how large my mullien plants are gettin'. I have learned that this plant can be used to treat breathing troubles. i will do some more research, and then I'll post resources you can check out.

This little fella is what's called a 'walking stick'. We found him crawlin' around on our old wooden bench, and he posed for us. If my mom had seen this when she was alive--she would have had what the old timers called a 'runaway'!

Note to self--when strollin' down the driveway--PAY ATTENTION! I almost walked right onto this critter. Since he was in HIS territory, and not my house, I let him go free....and the fact that I didn't have anything to safely whack him with!

I love morning glories, and I found these just off the road where we walk each mornin'.

Wild turkeys are often seen up here where we live, but it is rare that we can take a photo of them. This one was just calm enough that Brian could snap a photo out of the truck window when we stopped.

Here is one of what I call a 'mudderfly'. These little butterflies like to land in the mud by the roads--I guess for moisture, or because it's cooler. There are some tiny lavender butterflies that I really want to get photos of, but they are so fast and they just whiz about that I haven't been able to catch them. My absolute favorites, however, are the ones that are black wth a wash of deep indigo blue at the base of their wings.

Aside from taking photos this week, we have been just enjoyin' havin' the Redneck at home--and not havin' to get up at 3:45 every mornin'! We have been gettin' up and havin' coffee and green tea together, just talkin' and takin' our time. Then after dressin' and feedin' critters, we have had breakfast, and it has been nice makin' special breakfasts--although none of us probably needed the second helpin' of pancakes Monday mornin!

We have been takin' care of chores we got behind on, like cuttin' firewood for the winter, cleanin' up and straightenin' the cabin kitchen and workroom, and just all the piddly stuff you let slide due to everything else ya gotta take care of. We have worked when it was cool, rested when it was hot, and just enjoyed a much more relaxed schedule than normal. Mainly--it has just been wonderful havin' my Redneck at home. We didn't even take the day trip to the museum we had talked about. We just loved bein' at home that much.

Well, I guess I had best head to bed, gotta get up early and take care of some business, then we can enjoy what's left of his vacation. I'm gonna hate settin' that alarm Sunday night.....

Well, I--uh--wait, no chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett


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  2. Dear Evelyn,

    Thanks for catching us up on your week; it must be nice to have hubby home. :)

    The walking stick is huge, and the tarantula, too! I think the bird might be a scarlet tanager with his little wife.