Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bonus Post--Rehydration 101

June 23, 2011 2:49 p.m.

Since this blog is about simple livin', and how we often work to make it complicated, I thought I'd post an article on something that is really simple. Of course ya know I'm gonna talk about how we make something so easy into a hardship; hopefully I will also help you see how you can get back to the easy part.

I have practiced massage therapy for over 14 years, and I have seen folks try all kinds of things to get and maintain health. Everything from fad diets to crazy gadgets--you name it, I have probably seen or heard of it. While I do believe in many different types of therapies (chiropractic, massage, Essential Oils and Bach Flower Remedies, to name a few), there is one basic practice that everyone, regardless of age, income or level of health can implement and benefit from--drinking water.


That's it.

Simple, huh?

Ah, but I hear you say, wait a minute, it can't be that simple. How much water should I drink? I've heard that you should drink eight 8 ounce glasses a day; you should only drink if you are thirsty, or if you are thirsty you are already on your way to dehydration, blah, blah......


These days, if you have a pulse, you have heard all the above statements and more about drinking enough water. You realize that drinking water is good for your health--but just why is WATER so important? Why can't you just drink more soda, tea, juice, BEER, for cryin' out loud?

Okay--let me see if I can make this easy for you to understand, AND give you some simple ideas on how to get all that marvelous water into your system.

First of all--your body is made up of about 75% water. Yup, all the other stuff is floatin' around, and without water, you are little more than a bunch of cheap chemicals with an attitude. That whole 'dust to dust' thing makin' more sense now?

Seriously, your body just cannot function as well as it does when it has sufficient water intake. Your joints are not as flexible, your kidneys don't filter your blood as efficiently, and waste products are not flushed from the body via the lymphatic system as easily, leaving toxins lurking in the tissues, just waitin’ to make you sick. And let's not EVEN discuss your your stomach and bowels (No, seriously, let's NOT discuss them).

Okay, now that you understand why you need the water--HOW MUCH do you need?

Well, most health experts agree that you need at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day, or two quarts. STOP M AKIN' THAT FACE--that is NOT a lot of water. If you don't believe me, go into the kitchen and get a measuring cup, which is eight ounces. Fill it up and then pour the water into a small pitcher. Do this seven more times.

Now, look at the water in the pitcher.

THAT is eight 8 ounce glasses of water. See? not much, considering how many other kinds of liquid you toss down your throat in a day.

Oh yeah--those other liquids?


Nope, all that Dr. Pepper, Starbucks, Lipton, and MONSTER or VENOM drinks are not substitutes for clean, clear water.

Stop whinin', I'll explain.

Most of them contain caffeine--a diuretic. All those other drinks you guzzle in an effort to relieve your thirst are actually PROMOTING dehydration.

Think about it. You drink a lot of coffee--you are runnin' to the bathroom all morning. I personally believe that all those bladder control drugs you see marketed on TV could be done away with if folks would just stop drinkin' so many caffeine laced beverages (hmm...I guess I won't be gettin' a Christmas card from Juan Valdez this year!).

But, you ask--all beverages have SOME water in them. Can't I just drink more of what I like?

Sorry--it don't work that way.

(I know--I am SUCH a buzz kill today)

Look, the main reason that other non-water drinks are not as good for you as plain H2O is that your kidneys have to filter all the other stuff out of the liquid before it can be used by your body. Water, on the other hand, just goes through, with minimal strain on your kidneys.

So now you know WHY--let's work on that pesky HOW to get water into your body, without feelin' like you're drowning.

The easiest way that I have learned is to take that pitcher you just filled with water and keep a small glass beside it. Whenever you walk past the pitcher, fill up that small glass and toss it down. When the pitcher is empty, you have your BASIC water needs met for the day. Or fill up one of those cool new metal sports bottles and carry it with you. Use a brisk walk to the water fountain or cooler as a wake up/rehydration break. Order plain water at a restaurant instead of tea or other drinks. Not only is water better for you--it’s CHEAPER!

See? Rehydration 101.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Don't waste your money on bottles of water. All the hype about how much cleaner bottled water is than tap water is just that--HYPE. Numerous tests have been conducted in various cities, and most of the time the local water has been shown to not only be as good as bottled water--several times the local tap water has been CLEANER.

Besides, the cost of those bottles of water, not only monetarily, but ecologically (pollution caused by the manufacturing of the plastic bottles, transporting them) makes no sense at all. Like I said before--there are all kinds of nifty reusable sport bottles you can refill from your tap at home.

If you drink more water, you will begin to see an amazin’ improvement in your health, both physically and mentally.

Man, I’m thirsty now.....

Well, I got chores. Later ya’ll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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  1. Dear Evelyn,

    Thank you for this wonderful reminder; isn't it funny that we have to re-learn what all of God's creatures know by instinct? I guess they don't watch the ads for beverages on tv!