Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bonus Post--Rehydration 101

June 23, 2011 2:49 p.m.

Since this blog is about simple livin', and how we often work to make it complicated, I thought I'd post an article on something that is really simple. Of course ya know I'm gonna talk about how we make something so easy into a hardship; hopefully I will also help you see how you can get back to the easy part.

I have practiced massage therapy for over 14 years, and I have seen folks try all kinds of things to get and maintain health. Everything from fad diets to crazy gadgets--you name it, I have probably seen or heard of it. While I do believe in many different types of therapies (chiropractic, massage, Essential Oils and Bach Flower Remedies, to name a few), there is one basic practice that everyone, regardless of age, income or level of health can implement and benefit from--drinking water.


That's it.

Simple, huh?

Ah, but I hear you say, wait a minute, it can't be that simple. How much water should I drink? I've heard that you should drink eight 8 ounce glasses a day; you should only drink if you are thirsty, or if you are thirsty you are already on your way to dehydration, blah, blah......


These days, if you have a pulse, you have heard all the above statements and more about drinking enough water. You realize that drinking water is good for your health--but just why is WATER so important? Why can't you just drink more soda, tea, juice, BEER, for cryin' out loud?

Okay--let me see if I can make this easy for you to understand, AND give you some simple ideas on how to get all that marvelous water into your system.

First of all--your body is made up of about 75% water. Yup, all the other stuff is floatin' around, and without water, you are little more than a bunch of cheap chemicals with an attitude. That whole 'dust to dust' thing makin' more sense now?

Seriously, your body just cannot function as well as it does when it has sufficient water intake. Your joints are not as flexible, your kidneys don't filter your blood as efficiently, and waste products are not flushed from the body via the lymphatic system as easily, leaving toxins lurking in the tissues, just waitin’ to make you sick. And let's not EVEN discuss your your stomach and bowels (No, seriously, let's NOT discuss them).

Okay, now that you understand why you need the water--HOW MUCH do you need?

Well, most health experts agree that you need at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day, or two quarts. STOP M AKIN' THAT FACE--that is NOT a lot of water. If you don't believe me, go into the kitchen and get a measuring cup, which is eight ounces. Fill it up and then pour the water into a small pitcher. Do this seven more times.

Now, look at the water in the pitcher.

THAT is eight 8 ounce glasses of water. See? not much, considering how many other kinds of liquid you toss down your throat in a day.

Oh yeah--those other liquids?


Nope, all that Dr. Pepper, Starbucks, Lipton, and MONSTER or VENOM drinks are not substitutes for clean, clear water.

Stop whinin', I'll explain.

Most of them contain caffeine--a diuretic. All those other drinks you guzzle in an effort to relieve your thirst are actually PROMOTING dehydration.

Think about it. You drink a lot of coffee--you are runnin' to the bathroom all morning. I personally believe that all those bladder control drugs you see marketed on TV could be done away with if folks would just stop drinkin' so many caffeine laced beverages (hmm...I guess I won't be gettin' a Christmas card from Juan Valdez this year!).

But, you ask--all beverages have SOME water in them. Can't I just drink more of what I like?

Sorry--it don't work that way.

(I know--I am SUCH a buzz kill today)

Look, the main reason that other non-water drinks are not as good for you as plain H2O is that your kidneys have to filter all the other stuff out of the liquid before it can be used by your body. Water, on the other hand, just goes through, with minimal strain on your kidneys.

So now you know WHY--let's work on that pesky HOW to get water into your body, without feelin' like you're drowning.

The easiest way that I have learned is to take that pitcher you just filled with water and keep a small glass beside it. Whenever you walk past the pitcher, fill up that small glass and toss it down. When the pitcher is empty, you have your BASIC water needs met for the day. Or fill up one of those cool new metal sports bottles and carry it with you. Use a brisk walk to the water fountain or cooler as a wake up/rehydration break. Order plain water at a restaurant instead of tea or other drinks. Not only is water better for you--it’s CHEAPER!

See? Rehydration 101.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Don't waste your money on bottles of water. All the hype about how much cleaner bottled water is than tap water is just that--HYPE. Numerous tests have been conducted in various cities, and most of the time the local water has been shown to not only be as good as bottled water--several times the local tap water has been CLEANER.

Besides, the cost of those bottles of water, not only monetarily, but ecologically (pollution caused by the manufacturing of the plastic bottles, transporting them) makes no sense at all. Like I said before--there are all kinds of nifty reusable sport bottles you can refill from your tap at home.

If you drink more water, you will begin to see an amazin’ improvement in your health, both physically and mentally.

Man, I’m thirsty now.....

Well, I got chores. Later ya’ll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

The Wall--Pink Floyd Got It Wrong

June 23, 2011

I just learned the most awesomely absolute COOLEST thing!

I have a new EVERY DAY LIFE Bible, Amplified version, that I bought a few months back, and I am finally gettin' used to it. It really helped when I got tabs for the pages so I could learn where all the books are. Until then I kept just goin' back my old New King James version (wait--can you HAVE an OLD New Kings James? Never mind.). But now, I reach for the newer Bible more and more, and I think it is just great. There are all kinds of notes, scripture referrals, suggestions for applyin' the Word to my own life, all kinds of goodies. I still use my NKJV, simply because you cannot beat the beauty and flow of the language. Also, just like an old teddy bear that has been loved to the fallin' apart stages, my old Bible is just perfect to read when I am not lookin' to study, but instead I just want to sink deep into the velvet comfort of God's promises.

Okay--I digress (again).

I was readin' in the book of Joshua this mornin', and I came upon the story of Jericho. You know the one, where the Israelite army marched around the city of Jericho once each day for six days, in total silence. Then on the seventh day, they marched around it seven times, and when the priests blew the trumpets, they all shouted, and the walls collapsed.

Now, while that in and of itself is cool--it ain't what I found so amazing. Check this out...

You know how we all think that Jericho was such a humongous city? I mean, come on--I have read that the walls were so thick that a chariot pulled by horses could circle around the city on the top of them. You just figure that the city had to have been a major metropolitan area, right?

Well, dig this--I found a footnote at the bottom of the page from Joshua 6:15. It's a reference to the fact that the army marched around the city seven times in one day. The footnote went on to explain that archeological expeditions to Jericho have determined that this 'mighty' city was only about SEVEN ACRES across! I live on TEN acres, and I can traverse the whole place in a short time easily.

What? You're not impressed? You think the fact that the city was so small takes away from the miracle of the walls fallin' down? Dude--you ain't seein' the big picture. It makes the miracle even BIGGER!

Now, what ya gotta understand it this--satan has a really good trick of makin' problems seem a lot bigger than they really are. He tries to get us to look at the walls that are surroundin' those problems, instead of focusin' our eyes on the SOLVER of said problems. He convinces us that those walls are too hard to get over, around or under to get at the actual problems.

Let's say you have a problem happenin' in your life, and it looks really huge and unfixable. Like, if you feel the Lord is callin' you to a job in a certain field, but you have to go to school, but you can't swing the tuition. So you sit around and moan about how you can't get ahead in life, all because of the wall of 'lack of cash'. You have no idea what to do to, and after you rack your brains for days tryin' to reason out a solution on your own, you turn to God for help (hey, brainiac--ya shoulda gone to Him FIRST! I'm just sayin'....).

Okay, you pray, and leave the solution in the Lord's hands. You have peace that your goal is the right one, and you are trustin' Him to show you what to do. You go about your life, doin' everything you need to do, and in the meantime, since YOU got outta God's way, HE can start to work on that wall.

Oh yeah, this is also where you get to start marchin' around the wall, in SILENCE. Yeah, that means, stop whinin', start listenin'. Don't kvetch, don't argue, don't call up the school and start screamin' that the tuition is too high, don't gripe to all your friends that you can't get a break.

In other words, you need to be like when Joshua told the Israelite army in Joshua 6:10,

"But Joshua commanded the people, 'you shall not shout or let your voice be heard, nor shall any word proceed out of your mouth until the day I tell you to shout!'"


Now, let's review.

You have a problem, or 'city' to take, but it has a big wall around it, makin' your job look harder. You have sought God's council, and you know that He is in control, so you start lookin' at things from the viewpoint of a believer, not a whiner. You live each day as it comes, lookin' for the opportunity that you know is comin'.

And it does...

One day you are goin' along, say surfin' the internet, and you come across a news story about school funding for people with one blue eye and one green eye (do NOT laugh--there are weirder scholarships than that out there--even one for left handed people). Well, guess what YOU have for peepers?

You call the phone number, you get the paperwork sent to you, fill it out, return it, and lo and behold, you don't get the funding.


Don't get your log in a jam, I ain't done yet.

You don't get the funding, but you DO get a call from someone on the selection committee who says that they were impressed with your application, and they are looking for someone to do a PAID apprenticeship in the very field you are aimin' for, AND that if you excel in this program, you get the same credentials as if you went to the school.

Now, is that knockin' down a wall, or what?

Basically, what I'm sayin' here is that problems aren't the problem--we actually NEED a few problems to solve in our lives. They help keep us sharp mentally and make life interestin'. Also, some problems let us know that we gotta be doin' SOMETHIN' right for God's kingdom, or we wouldn't be constantly under attack from the enemy as he tries to get us to just give up, go sit in the corner and play with our toes.

No, the real problem is the WALL around the problem we need to solve. Jericho was just another city of Canaanites for the Israelites to defeat as they progressed into the Promised land, and it was a SMALL city at that. But that WALL kept them from bein' able to take the city. By bein' obedient to God, they not only knocked down the wall, they did it in such a way that there was NO DOUBT that God was with them, which got the other cities they had to defeat pretty darn spooked. Hey, if I were a Canaanite, and I heard about those walls goin' down like they did? I'd figure that if God did that to Jericho, a literal walled stronghold--then sweetcheeks, MY city was next to become rubble on a stick. I would suddenly 'hear' from a distant relative who wanted me to come help with the harvest, and I would be scootin' my boots outta Canaan.

Those walls lookin' pretty shaky right now?

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Had A Chance To Post Just A Few Things, So Here Goes...

June 16, 2011

Hi Ya'll!As I mentioned last week, my Beloved Redneck was off work all of this last week, and so I wouldn't be postin' much of anything, 'cause, well, let's face it--he's cuter than any of ya'll, and I wanna spend time with him!

We had to run down to a friend's house today, and she has internet, so after everyone else went to bed, I decided to stay up and post a few goodies while I had the chance.

Here are two tiny surprises that I saw one day while feedin' my animals. I heard this chirpin' and tweetin' above my head, and there were these little guys, just havin' a heck of a conversation! I think they are a type of parakeet, but I had never seen a bright red one before.

You can see how large my mullien plants are gettin'. I have learned that this plant can be used to treat breathing troubles. i will do some more research, and then I'll post resources you can check out.

This little fella is what's called a 'walking stick'. We found him crawlin' around on our old wooden bench, and he posed for us. If my mom had seen this when she was alive--she would have had what the old timers called a 'runaway'!

Note to self--when strollin' down the driveway--PAY ATTENTION! I almost walked right onto this critter. Since he was in HIS territory, and not my house, I let him go free....and the fact that I didn't have anything to safely whack him with!

I love morning glories, and I found these just off the road where we walk each mornin'.

Wild turkeys are often seen up here where we live, but it is rare that we can take a photo of them. This one was just calm enough that Brian could snap a photo out of the truck window when we stopped.

Here is one of what I call a 'mudderfly'. These little butterflies like to land in the mud by the roads--I guess for moisture, or because it's cooler. There are some tiny lavender butterflies that I really want to get photos of, but they are so fast and they just whiz about that I haven't been able to catch them. My absolute favorites, however, are the ones that are black wth a wash of deep indigo blue at the base of their wings.

Aside from taking photos this week, we have been just enjoyin' havin' the Redneck at home--and not havin' to get up at 3:45 every mornin'! We have been gettin' up and havin' coffee and green tea together, just talkin' and takin' our time. Then after dressin' and feedin' critters, we have had breakfast, and it has been nice makin' special breakfasts--although none of us probably needed the second helpin' of pancakes Monday mornin!

We have been takin' care of chores we got behind on, like cuttin' firewood for the winter, cleanin' up and straightenin' the cabin kitchen and workroom, and just all the piddly stuff you let slide due to everything else ya gotta take care of. We have worked when it was cool, rested when it was hot, and just enjoyed a much more relaxed schedule than normal. Mainly--it has just been wonderful havin' my Redneck at home. We didn't even take the day trip to the museum we had talked about. We just loved bein' at home that much.

Well, I guess I had best head to bed, gotta get up early and take care of some business, then we can enjoy what's left of his vacation. I'm gonna hate settin' that alarm Sunday night.....

Well, I--uh--wait, no chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I've Been So Busy, I Dunno If I Found A Rope Or Lost My Horse.....

June 9, 2011

Wow--what a week it has been! After a week of takin' care of a bunch of errands for the Redneck, the weekend got us started off to an even BUSIER time!

We ran down to Texas on Saturday to take care of a few things, then on Sunday, our little cowboy church celebrated its third anniversary. It's hard to believe that only three years ago, a few folks sat under an old open barn that had a history of bein' used to brew illegal whiskey years ago, and in faith began a work that would grow to its present state. I am always blown away by what God can do with what most people would consider worthless (sort of like what He has done with my life!). If you have seen my post GRACE COUNTRY COWBOY CHURCH, A VITUAL TOUR, you have seen how the barn has been turned into a nice little church. However, long before all the carpentry work was done, that old open barn was a holy place, where folks gathered together to sit on hay bales or old foldin' chairs to worship the Lord and serve Him. The altar in those days was just a few bales with saddle blankets draped over them, but several lives, includin' my own, were changed when folks knelt before them and shed holy tears. There have been a few changes over the last few years, but what has never changed has been the determination to let God be GOD, in our services, our outreach, and in our lives. We allow Him to do what He wants, and we thank Him for allowin' us to be a part of it.

Well, as I said, it was our third anniversary, and while we were gettin' the basics done durin' the service, I looked over and got a wonderful surprise. Sam Hester, a gospel singer who is just awesone, walked in the door of the barn. I had just been thinkin' that he hadn't been here to sing in a while, and I really wanted to hear him again. I was so flipped out when I saw him! Imagine John Goodman with a beard, Jerry Clower's humor, and the 'git-fiddlin' talent of a honky tonkin' music man, all rolled into one, and annointed by God to preach the gospel. Yup--that's Sam! I jumped up and got him a big cup of coffee from the urn, 'cause I know he likes that "perk-Q-lated" coffee. He got up, sang, preached and just blessed the stuffin' outta our little fellowship.

After church, The Redneck had his hair cut for LOCKS OF LOVE (, an organization that takes hair donated by individuals and transforms it into wigs for children who have lost hair due to illness. Our friend, Susie Holly-Bull, did the honors, and as you can see from the photos--she did an awesome job.

The crucial first snips. I gotta admit, I was a little sad to see this, but I knew it goes to a good cause.

We have separated from the 'mother ship'!

Here is the braid. Looks a bit sad and forlorn right now, doesn't it?

Now for the fun part--turnin' his 'reverse mullet' into somethin' worth lookin' at!

Um, no.....not what I had in mind......

TaDA! I mean it--isn't he just too cute to shoot?

Well, after church, we went back up the mountain to handle afternoon chores, rest a bit, then we were back at church for a cookout and the start of our church's first revival.

One of our guys rode a Harley to the cookout. Obie got this big grin just STANDIN' by it--can you imagine if he got to RIDE it? We are definite 'hawg' fans in our family!

There were ropin' contests--seems like this little cowpoke got a bit tied up in his efforts!

One of the outreaches we do at cowboy church is a biker ministry. Here's Greg Miller, Preach (with his back to the camera), and a local biker.

This is Brailey, Greg's daughter, on her grandpa's Harley, givin' her best model look for the camera!

And of course, there were hamburgers and hotdogs--along with home made ice cream! Obie got his share of the goodies!

Here is Preach on the left, and Ray Perryman, the evangelist who preached revival. Ray is the real deal. He's funny, talented, and doesn't sugarcoat the gospel of Christ. He did some awesome preachin' over the next few days!

This is Garret, one of the young men in our church. He was baptized in the water trough one night after revival meetin'. The little guy outside the trough is Ransom, Preach's little boy. I'm not certain about his expression here--either he's worried about Garret, or else he's wantin' his turn in the 'pool'!

Well, I gotta tell ya--it was an amazin' few days, and we are all feelin' a difference in our lives from the services Ray preached. I'll be postin' a link to Ray's ministry web site, SHORT ROUND MINISTRIES on the right side of the blog. Ray sells CDs and T-shirts, and all proceeds go to help fund the work of spreadin' the gospel, so I hope ya'll will check it out.

As you can imagine, we have been hoppin' around here lately, and I am thankful to announce that next week the Redneck has a vacation, and we are lookin' forward to relaxin' a bit. We are plannin' a day trip to the Confederate Museum around Atoka--I hope to have some photos to post.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett