Friday, May 6, 2011

Too Many Ideas? Or Not Enough Of Him?

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May 6, 2011

I never realized just how hard bloggin' would be until I started doin' one. I mean, I have a gift for gab, in case ya didn't notice, so that's not a problem. I am a decent wordsmith, and with my new camera I have lots of photos to post. So what's the problem?

There are TOO MANY things to write about.

Seriously, I am constantly havin' ideas pop into my head that would make great posts. I even find my prayer time just before sleep bein' invaded by cool ideas, and next I know I'm writin' in my mind, and prayer is shoved aside.

NOT cool.

Addiction is simply too much of anything that prevents you from doin' what is truly important--it can be havin' so many books on your shelf that you can never choose what to read, or too many clothes so that you can't decide what to wear, too many activities that keep you from really doin' anything of real value, too much tv, the list is endless. Heck, it can even be too many tough circumstances that come at you all at once and overwhelm you with stress. It doesn't matter if the clutter is even too many good things, and yes you CAN have too many good things--the fact is that there is TOO MUCH, which shorts out most folk's thought processes, and causes them to shut down on actually DOIN' anyting that really matters.

From my perspective, I am an IDEA ADDICT.

I LOVE IDEAS. I mean any ideas--you give me a problem to solve--I can come up with an idea to solve it. Tell me think outside of the box? Honey--I'll think outside of the CONTINENT. I can look at an old pop up trailer, and in a few minutes I can sketch out an idea to turn it into a travelin' store, complete with slide out product trays and portable office. I can drive past a street corner where men wait to be picked up for day labor, and I will have an idea for a romance novel in which a wealthy man takes a dare to work as a regular guy, only to be picked up by a woman who is tryin' to build a home for disadvantaged kids on a shoestring budget and is bein' harassed by this same guy's company without him knowin' it. (If you are a writer--feel free to use this idea. I've had it for 20 years, just never wanted to write it. I ask only that you thank me in the acknowledgements when you're published. Oh wait--a cut of the royalties, too!)

I was once asked in a graphic design class to design a shopping bag--ONE shopping bag. I designed EIGHT different bags, all with different ideas, including one bag that was done in camoflage with a silhouette of a girl in fatigues holdin' am M16. The name of the store was LITTLE SHOP OF CONTRAS--"Overthrowing the dictators of fashion."

So what's wrong with all these ideas? I get so many I have trouble decidin' on which one to DO. I become so overwhelmed  I just shut down as I try to process all these ideas. I am unable to ACT.

Ideas are not a bad thing. We are created in God's image--which tells ya right there that we are creative beings--we get ideas. It makes me nuts when prople, especially women, say, "I'm just not creative." Really? It's not creative when you feed a family on a limited budget? It's not creative when you take a few odd pieces of furniture and other stuff you find at yard sales and put them together to make a living room that is attractive and welcoming for your family? Look around, folks--people are creative--it may just not take the form of a museum quality painting or best selling novel.

Okay--back to the point. Like everything else God has given us, Ideas can be messed up when WE get involved. Just like when people take ONE VERSE from the Bible and build an entire religion doctrine around it, I take creativity to an extreme when I am so busy GENERATING ideas that I am too busy to IMPLEMENT them. My brain is just like a gerbil on crack(now THERE'S an image for ya)--my mind is not calm enough to see which ideas to put into use and which ones need to be either discarded or set aside for later use. So how do I get my mind calm?

Simple, I go to the One Who created my mind--the One Who made me good with ideas. Hey--when you have a product that messes up--you take back to the manufacturer to get whatever is wrong fixed, dontcha? Well, same thing in this case.

I go to God and as it says in Psalm 46:10, I take the time to "Be still and know that He is God."(My paraphrase)

I take the time to settle in with the Lord and get quiet--not an easy thing with my busy brain. I hand everything to Him, and I mean EVERYTHING, good, bad, ideas, problems, hopes, wishes, friends, enemies, you name it--He gets it. I just pour it all into His hands and then I mentally stretch as my mind feels the weight of all those ideas leave. Then, I begin to fill my mind with HIM, His word, His Spirit--then I become refreshed and calm as I allow Him to rearrange all those ideas into what HE wants, and then I receive them back in a realistic, workable form. I allow Him to give me my priorities in life in their correct order--Him, my family, my home and animals, my church, the many volunteer activities I work on, and then my little patch of creativity, where my bloggin' fits in with crafts and other things.

Then, and only then, am I able to sift through the myriad of ideas that clamor for my attention. I am able to list them by priority--hot topic, good idea to share, simply entertaining, and my favorite--don't you DARE put that on your blog, you'll undo any good you may have already done!

What's your addiction? Have you taken it to the One who made you and knows your heart better than you do yourself? Ask Him to help you get the 'clutter' of addiction out of your life. Sometimes, the best prayer we can pray is simply, "God, please help me."

Now, THAT'S a good idea!

Well, I got chores. Later Ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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  1. Dear Evelyn,

    Boy, I hear you on "idea addiction!" I have to have a little notebook to write things down, or they drive me nuts.

    Thank you for reminding me to take my addictions to Him!