Friday, May 20, 2011

Busy Day Planned, and Alternative Medicine

May 20, 2011

Here is a photo of one of my babies. This is Fang. He is about 3 years old now, and such a sweetie. Isn't he just gorgeous? I don't know what he's contemplatin' here, but he looks really focused.

So, here we are, my boy and me, plus his dog, Bug-A-Boo, sittin' in the truck and watchin' the sun come up through a  bank of clouds that just dumped a bunch of rain all over us. It finally stopped, so we can now roll the windows back down and get the sweet breeze in here to cool us off. It got a little INTENSE in here with the windows up!

Gotta busy day planned. Laundry, bill payin', hay haulin', library day--and I'm pickin' up a lot of boxes from the liquor store so I can do some declutterin' this weekend while the Redneck is workin' overtime.

Obie doesn't know it yet, but we are also gonna go see his favorite person in the world--the chiropractor! I mean it--this kid LOVES his bone popper, and so do the rest of us. I am always amazed at how much better I feel after a visit, and how much better my body functions. My husband even breathes better after his ribs are put back into place.

I just love alternative medicine, period. Yeah, there are a lot of whack jobs out there claimin' all kinds of miracle cures with everything from crystals to monkey urine(nope, not kiddin', wish I were).

But there are also a lot of really intelligent folks who practice herbalism, essential oil therapy, massage,
Chinese medicine, etc, and they actually do help people with physical and emotional problems. I have tried many things in this field, and while I have come across stuff that I wouldn't do on a dare, there have also been literal miracles occur when I have investigated and used natural remedies.

I have also had some really funny moments--such as the first time I used a sage stick to 'smudge' the air in our first home. I had read up on sage's antiseptic properties and how they can be used to help prevent illness during cold weather. I get a sage bundle, and when I get home, before the Redneck is off work, I light the bundle, get the smoke goin', then I go all over the house, waftin' the smoke (which smelled really nice to me) all over the place.  After I am done, I put out the smoldering herb and put it away.

Then the Redneck comes home.

He walks in, gets this really strange look on his face, and asks me....


You see, my friends, I was completely unaware that sage, when burnin'--smells just like marijuana!

Needless to say, THAT remedy, while I am certain it is a valid one--never got used again at our house.

And yet, even with those types of moments, I have found many remedies that have helped my family, friends, clients, and even our animals when traditional medicine couldn't, or wouldn't help.

A few years ago, I began having panic attacks--bad enough that I visited the emergency room a few times. All the doctors wanted to do was give me anitdepressants and send me to a shrink. And yet I KNEW that I wasn't depressed, nor did I have psychological issues--at least none that couldn't be worked through with prayer and the occasional counseling seesion with a pastor. There HAD to be a better solution.

So I went diggin' for answers.

I found 'em.

Turns out that one of the many side effects of menopause is panic attacks. I researched herbs, essential oils, nutrition, and chiropractic. After a while, I found the combination that works for me, and now--no more attacks. For over five years I have been free of the heart poundin', fear laced epsiodes. All it took was time and effort to find what worked for me and my needs.

I'm NOT sayin' to anybody, toss out your meds and quit seein' a traditional doctor--I would NEVER tell anyone that. Believe me, I have had to use conventional docs a lot of times also, and I thank God for the ones who saved my buddy Stinger's life when he broke the ribs off of his sternum and puntured a lung. I sing the praises of the ER doc who helped my husband when his asthma get so bad due to bronchitis that we only thought was a cold. When my son had chicken pox--baby, BENADRYL kept us all sane.

I am more like Dr. Andrew Weil, who said once that he believes in 'intergrative medicine'. He said that if he were in a car wreck, he did NOT want a shaman or an herbalist--he wanted a good ER with a GREAT trauma team. After he was stabilized and on his way to recovery, THEN he wanted to use the alternative practices that would help him to heal.

You can look up Dr. Weil at: I also recommend his many wonderful books such as SPONTANEOUS HEALING and 8WEEKS TO OPTIMUM HEALTH.

Hmm..didn't mean to get on a health practices kick--but there ya go, ya just never know where bloggin' will take ya! Maybe someone out there needs to start lookin' for answers for their own health, and I just gave ya the courage to start.

Well, I got chores. Later Ya'll.

© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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  1. Dear Evelyn,

    What a pretty boy Fang is! He's just gorgeous. I found a picture book on wolves at the thrift store the other day, that I'm going to send to you (as soon as it stops raining cats and dogs); Fang looks like a cover wolf for sure. :)

    I love your thoughts on alternative medicine; it's so true that conventional medicine is excellent at piecing people back together. I hope for a future of integrative medicine, but I think the government would have to collapse first! ;)

    I'm excited to get your letter.



    p.s. Thanks for the sweet comment today; I say, if this pokey little girl can call herself an artist and author, YOU can, too!