Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Close Encounters Of The Bunny Kind, And A Tarantula Learns That Shovels Can Be Detrimental To One's Well Bein'

May 31, 2011

Good Mornin! I hope ya'll had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. We had a nice one, simple and quiet.  Ran errands Saturday then worked on the yard. Sunday was Cowboy Church and rodeo practice afterwards.
Our friend Dustin found this tiny prayin' mantiss on one fo the pipes at the rodeo grounds. It took four tries, but I finlly got a good photo. I had never seen one that small. After posin' for me, he was released back into the wild.

When we returned home Sunday evenin', we had a light supper then sat in the yard to enjoy the sunset. Suddenly, Brian said, "Look, there's a rabbit in the drive." I got my trusty camera out of my pocket and began to quietly walk up to where the little guy was, hopin' to catch a photo.

If you look around the center of the photo, you can just make him out. I was about 12 feet away.

This is a bit blurry, but I wanted to show him scratchin' his face with his paws. I was only abouy four feet away at this point.

Did I just hear a shutter click?

I guess not. Think I'll dig a little right here to loosen the dirt, and then.....

I think I'll lay right down and relax a bit.

THIS blew me away. He not only lay down, he turned so that his belly was towards me, which showed that he had absolutely NO FEAR. I walked away carefully after that, and he continued to play and rest where he was for quite a while longer.

Come on, was that cool or what? There was even one of my wolves not a full 15 feet away from him, and she just glanced over and then ignored the 'fast food' in front of her. Yeah, it sounds goofy, but when the Lord honors me with a moment like this, I am so humbled.

Now, earlier, when we first got home, I walked over to our cabin and opened the screen door. I looked down, and saw somethin' move. At first I thought a mouse or a toad had gotten in the doorway. Turns out it was a TARANTULA. I paused, said, "I'll be right with you," closed the door back, reached for a shovel that was by the cabin, reopened the door, yelled "SERPRIZE!", and turned the little house invader into a furry smear with one whack. Sorry there are no photos of the little dude, but whackin' took precendence over picture takin', if ya get my drift.

So, it's Tuesday mornin' and I'm in town to run errands and post my blog. Lot's to do, but there is no rush. I intend to read the blogs I enjoy, drive casually back up the mountain to feed and water my critters, and then mosey back down to do what else needs doin. I am on God's time today, and I am lettin' Him dictate the pace.

Well, I got chores. later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Friday, May 27, 2011

Yesterday Was Busy, A Few Photos, And The Choice To Rejoice

May 27, 2011

My beautiful son, sleepin' in the early mornin' hours....and his basketball! I have to laugh, because he takes that ball everywhere.

Good mornin' everyone! It has been a glorious last few days, and it seems that the holiday weekend will also be good weather. It was cool enough this mornin' that we had to wear sweaters before the sun came up, but now it's just lovely.

Yesterday, I spent the day outside for the most part. I hauled and burned tree limbs, boxed up stuff for the thrift store, and pulled up weeds that had gotten waist high from all the rain. I took down my clothes line so I can figure out where the heck to move it to, since the former location was really not the best one. Obie and I bagged up all the aluminum cans we had been savin' in our recycle bin--came up with three large bags to sell today! I need to buy a new can crusher for our 'cantina'--the old one has finally bitten the proverbial dust.

We watched Jane Austen's PERSUASION on dvd yesterday durin' lunch--now THAT was good. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes Austen, or even if you just like a good story.

Of course, we had our nice long walk in the early mornin' also.

These two photos are not from yesterday's walk, nut from the weekend instead. I just hadn't found them in my files until today. This little crawfish was makin' his way across the road to the water filled ditch when we found him.

Tnis is my little Chihuahua/MinPin mix, Poblano. She was another little 'dump dog' that we rescued last year. She is a bundle of energy. Here you see that she has met her very first turtle durin' a walk. He was maybe the size of a belt buckle. Poblano was absolutely fascinated with him. I took the photo then shooed him off the road and into the water beside the road.

I have been thinkin' a lot about a verse in the Bible, Psalm 118:24;

"This is the day that the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it."

Now, did ya notice that the Psalmist says, "I will rejoice"? He didn't say, "I may rejoice later in the day if everything turns out the way I'd like it to--IF I feel like it." He simply said " I WILL rejoice."

I have had mornin' where I wake up and try to get everyone goin' and I will hear the whine, "I don't wanna do it, it's not fair, Just leave me alone."

Then the Lord tells me, "Evelyn, you are the wife and mother--you have to do these things."

Yeah--that's right--nine out of ten times when I hear whinin' it's me, just not feelin' like rejoicin' in another day that God has blessed me with. I have to drag my butt outta bed, get the spousal unit off to work, get dressed, have my prayer and Bible time, then get my son up and the animals fed and watered, have our breakfast, go for our walk, and proceed with our day. Most days I have no problem with this, but sometimes I just get what the old timers called 'the mullygrubs', and I struggle with the simplest of chores. I forget that each and every day is a gift from God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the One Who, as Psalm 71:6 says;

"By You I have been upheld from birth, You are He Who took me from my mother's womb. My praise shall be continually of You."

We have all heard the verse about how He knew us before we were born, how He fashioned us while still in the womb--but here it says that He is the One Who brought us out of the womb. Think about it, GOD was the midwife at your birth! Is that not amazing? It floors me to think about it. God took the time to watch a tiny, squealin' human be born. You think that if He is that involved to see that I GOT here that He's not gonna make sure that every day durin' my life is special?

Like I said, every day is a gift from God. Heck, every heartbeat, every breath is a gift. If we don't see things that way, we whine and moan, makin' not only ourselves, but pretty much everyone around us miserable. Nothin' is good enough for us, and if only we could have things just as we want them, life would be better.

No, it wouldn't.

I feel that every day is a challenge, an adventure. No matter how mundane the day may turn out to be, it is still a one of a kind experience. It's really up to YOU how you perceive it at the end of the day. Was it just another day to endure until you could fall into bed and escape into sleep, or was it a chance to see what God has in store for you--a chance to serve Him with gladness, bein' a blessin' to everyone you meet, right up until you seek rest and renewal through a peaceful night's sleep?

Hey--it's your call. I ask you to make the CHOICE to REJOICE.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Little Sleep Last Night, and MANSFIELD PARK on DVD

Here Is Obie, showin' just how high the echinacea in our yard has grown!

May 25, 2011

It's a beautiful day here in Oklahoma, in spite of the fact that I got less than adequate sleep last night. There have been big storms every night the past week, with lots of thunder and lightning. Now, while I have no trouble sleepin' through all that--my son's dog does.

Bug, the same little mutt that got fixed last week, cannot handle thunder and lightning. The few times she will desert her young master's bed and head for mine is during a storm. It seems that Obie sleeps so soundly that he doesn't wake up to comfort her. So I find her perched on MY head. Usually I can just shift her around and we go back to sleep.

Not last night.

This dog would NOT be comforted. I tried pettin' her, talkin' softly and lovin' on her. No deal. I tried makin' her get off the bed after a time, since she just wouldn't be still. Not happenin'. I threatened to toss her out IN the storm. She didn't buy it (I wouldn't have the heart to and she knows it). When she finally got in between my husband and I, up around our shoulders, she calmed down. Apparently this was not a regular 'mom's good enough' storm--this was a 'I gotta get between mom AND dad' storm. After that, we all went to sleep.

We even got a text from my brother, askin' if we had been watchin' the weather, 'cause there was a storm headed our way. I replied that there was ALWAYS a storm headed our way!

If ya'll recall, I read Jane Austen's MANSFIELD PARK a few months back, and I pretty much panned it. I didn't like the characters, and the plot was pretty dull.

Well, this last week I found the BBC production of MP, and decided what the heck, let's give it a shot. I know that sometimes there is a better understanding of a work if it is acted out instead of simply read. After all, Shakespeare was meant to be seen and heard, and only after that can it be read and truly appreciated. Besides, who better to translate Austen's works to the screen than a British cast?

So I plunged in and watched all the episodes.

I can't say that I liked it a whole lot better. The film follows the book almost perfectly. The majority of the characters are still just awful--Fanny Price is STILL annoyingly meek in may instances. However in viewing the action, it is more apparent that much of that characteristic is due to her Aunt Norris constantly telling her that she is not nor shall she ever be, as good as her cousins.

I have more respect for Sir Thomas than I did before, especially as he admits that a lot of the trouble with his daughters is due to his leaving them in the supervision of others. I STILL say that his wife, Lady Bertram, is a closet drinker of patent medicines--or else an opium smoker. I mean, come on, check her eyes, she's experimentin' with SOMETHIN'!

As for the Crawfords--they still need flogging in my opinion, and Edmund? He is not so spineless as I supposed, but he still moons over Mary Crawford like an idiot, until his eyes are opened by her callous attitude about his sister‘s adultery.

I have come to the conclusion that MP was written as a critique of Austen's society as a whole. She made the characters unlikable on purpose, giving each a personality that personified the worst of the higher echelons. In portraying the book as a social comedy or romance, she got away with pointing out many hypocrisies of the time, such as ’the burden of benevolence’, and helping the poor, but not so much as to make them think they were as good as the folks helping them. It’s easy to see why this was one of her least popular books, especially at the time it was published. It had to have been pretty obvious to the folks in her circles that they were being judged.

Oh--and one last thing about the production that kept throwin’ me off--the girl who portrayed Fanny Price needed to talk to SOMEBODY in make up and hair. I don’t know exactly what look they were goin’ for, but the way they did her make up...she would occasionally look like the late comedian MARTY FELDMAN, especially when she would do this ‘thing’ with her eyes and held her jaw a certain way. It’s obvious that she is pretty in real life, but I kept expectin’ her to say “You take the blonde, I’ll take the one in the turban!”.

And that is all I’m gonna say on the matter. (wink)

Well, I got chores. Later Ya’ll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Friday, May 20, 2011

Busy Day Planned, and Alternative Medicine

May 20, 2011

Here is a photo of one of my babies. This is Fang. He is about 3 years old now, and such a sweetie. Isn't he just gorgeous? I don't know what he's contemplatin' here, but he looks really focused.

So, here we are, my boy and me, plus his dog, Bug-A-Boo, sittin' in the truck and watchin' the sun come up through a  bank of clouds that just dumped a bunch of rain all over us. It finally stopped, so we can now roll the windows back down and get the sweet breeze in here to cool us off. It got a little INTENSE in here with the windows up!

Gotta busy day planned. Laundry, bill payin', hay haulin', library day--and I'm pickin' up a lot of boxes from the liquor store so I can do some declutterin' this weekend while the Redneck is workin' overtime.

Obie doesn't know it yet, but we are also gonna go see his favorite person in the world--the chiropractor! I mean it--this kid LOVES his bone popper, and so do the rest of us. I am always amazed at how much better I feel after a visit, and how much better my body functions. My husband even breathes better after his ribs are put back into place.

I just love alternative medicine, period. Yeah, there are a lot of whack jobs out there claimin' all kinds of miracle cures with everything from crystals to monkey urine(nope, not kiddin', wish I were).

But there are also a lot of really intelligent folks who practice herbalism, essential oil therapy, massage,
Chinese medicine, etc, and they actually do help people with physical and emotional problems. I have tried many things in this field, and while I have come across stuff that I wouldn't do on a dare, there have also been literal miracles occur when I have investigated and used natural remedies.

I have also had some really funny moments--such as the first time I used a sage stick to 'smudge' the air in our first home. I had read up on sage's antiseptic properties and how they can be used to help prevent illness during cold weather. I get a sage bundle, and when I get home, before the Redneck is off work, I light the bundle, get the smoke goin', then I go all over the house, waftin' the smoke (which smelled really nice to me) all over the place.  After I am done, I put out the smoldering herb and put it away.

Then the Redneck comes home.

He walks in, gets this really strange look on his face, and asks me....


You see, my friends, I was completely unaware that sage, when burnin'--smells just like marijuana!

Needless to say, THAT remedy, while I am certain it is a valid one--never got used again at our house.

And yet, even with those types of moments, I have found many remedies that have helped my family, friends, clients, and even our animals when traditional medicine couldn't, or wouldn't help.

A few years ago, I began having panic attacks--bad enough that I visited the emergency room a few times. All the doctors wanted to do was give me anitdepressants and send me to a shrink. And yet I KNEW that I wasn't depressed, nor did I have psychological issues--at least none that couldn't be worked through with prayer and the occasional counseling seesion with a pastor. There HAD to be a better solution.

So I went diggin' for answers.

I found 'em.

Turns out that one of the many side effects of menopause is panic attacks. I researched herbs, essential oils, nutrition, and chiropractic. After a while, I found the combination that works for me, and now--no more attacks. For over five years I have been free of the heart poundin', fear laced epsiodes. All it took was time and effort to find what worked for me and my needs.

I'm NOT sayin' to anybody, toss out your meds and quit seein' a traditional doctor--I would NEVER tell anyone that. Believe me, I have had to use conventional docs a lot of times also, and I thank God for the ones who saved my buddy Stinger's life when he broke the ribs off of his sternum and puntured a lung. I sing the praises of the ER doc who helped my husband when his asthma get so bad due to bronchitis that we only thought was a cold. When my son had chicken pox--baby, BENADRYL kept us all sane.

I am more like Dr. Andrew Weil, who said once that he believes in 'intergrative medicine'. He said that if he were in a car wreck, he did NOT want a shaman or an herbalist--he wanted a good ER with a GREAT trauma team. After he was stabilized and on his way to recovery, THEN he wanted to use the alternative practices that would help him to heal.

You can look up Dr. Weil at: http://www.drweil.com/. I also recommend his many wonderful books such as SPONTANEOUS HEALING and 8WEEKS TO OPTIMUM HEALTH.

Hmm..didn't mean to get on a health practices kick--but there ya go, ya just never know where bloggin' will take ya! Maybe someone out there needs to start lookin' for answers for their own health, and I just gave ya the courage to start.

Well, I got chores. Later Ya'll.

© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bug Is Fixed And Some More Photos Of Creation

I really have no idea what this plant is--I just think it is beautiful and wanted to share it with ya'll.

May 18, 2011

Picked Bug up from the vet this mornin'. After gettin' fixed, she was glad to get outta there! She is a bit sore around her tummy, but she was all over my son when they saw each other. It was almost too sweet.

Wild echinacea has been poppin' up all over the place--I've never seen so much of the stuff on the mountain and down near town. I'm gonna try to transplant some of it into pots for a friend in Texas. If ya'll have any suggestions, please let me know.

This is a small flowered bush that I found this week. There are tons of them.

Here's a closer look at the blossom. Aren't they wonderful? They are so delicately colored.

The poke sallet is gettin' really big! And no, I haven't had the chance to cook any yet, and that is makin' me nuts 'cause I love the stuff. I just watched a video on Youtube where Herbalist Susun Weed talked about using poke roots in a tincture to stimulate the immune system. She said that it can be used in the treatment of cancer. I recommend her videos--they are great.

I love these blue flowers that just started comin' up around my little grove area. There is Obie in the background!

I found this growin' under a cedar tree in the yard. It looks like it should put out a bloom of some type--I'll keep ya posted. The neatest thing about findin' this plant was that as I was photographin' it, I heard a squeaky chirpin' noise. I looked up to see a whole bunch of tiny yellow birds, like finches, just flitterin' away all over the cedar. I tried for a photo, but the trouble with takin' pictures of birds, deer, lizards, squirrels and rabbits is that by the time you realize they are there....they ain't!

Okay, just as I said that--I came across this photo of a little guy perched on the roof of our vet's office! I forgot I had been sittin' in the truck waitin' for the doc to open when I saw this bird and took a shot of him through the window.

Found these creamy lemon yellow beauties off the beaten path a while back.

This tree graces the lot across from our local library. I had to use my jean clad leg to keep the wind from whippin' the branches and blurrin' the photo!

Here are the blue berries on a cedar(or is it juniper?). A neighbor once told me that a tea made from these berries can be used to lower blood sugar and assist in weight loss. Not sure about that, I would have to do a lot of research before I tried it.

I hope ya'll enjoy my photos--I am really enjoyin' my new camera. In fact, I'm startin' to think about gettin' some watercolors and doin' some simple artwork. I haven't done that in years. Wonder if I'm still any good at it......?

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Catchin' Up and I GET TO SEE MY BROTHER!!!

A little friend I met during our walk last week. Since he is not poisonous, I have no quarrel with him or his family. After he posed for me, I shooed him off the road so he wouldn't get 'ironed' by a truck.

May 17, 2011

Sorry I haven't posted anything in over a week. I have just been too busy bein' blessed by God to actually sit down and type anything up!

I attended a Women Of Worship meetin' Saturday before last, and there is a reason they call these events WOW. We had some of the best food, fellowship, music and speakers ever. The verse chosen for the day was Jeremiah 15:17;

"Thy words were found and I ate them, and Thy words became for me a joy and the delight of my heart; for I have been called by Thy name, O LORD God of Hosts."

We had the honor of hearing JOY SONG, accompanied by Mary Ford on the piano. Then, we got to listen to Susan Sanson, a missionary/chaplain at the University of Malawi at Chancellor College in Zomba, Malawi, speak on "Abundant Living or Poverty Stricken". She spoke about how God's word is a FEAST for our souls, and how much He desires our fellowship at His table. I liked how she kept telling us how precious we are to our Heavenly Father. She was so encouraging. She reminded me that since we need beauty in our lives, so how much MORE do we need God's WORD? I urge anyone who has a chance to hear this beautiful daughter of the King speak, do it. You will come away refreshed and blessed.

Kelly King, the Women's Missions and Ministries Specialist for the Baptist General Convention here in Oklahoma got up and did a talk on "Feast: The Invitation To Dine With God." She spoke of a Holy Hunger we should feel for God's Word. It was awesome. I look forward to hearing her speak again if she is down this way.

The whole day was such a blessing for me. I came away even hungrier for God's Word than before, and I intend to feast mightily.

Of course the next day was Mother's Day, and Preach spoke about Godly mothers and their importance in life. Again I was blessed.

Last week, I got to stay home almost all week, and I got a lot accomplished--but still no garden planted. I may end up takin' advantage of the local farmer's markets this summer--but that's okay. It won't be too long before the wild blackberries around my home are ready to be picked, then I'll be just about drownin' in good flavor and antioxidents!

Now--the most excitin' thing of all, is that this last Sunday I actually got to meet up with  my brother after 30 years. We had talked on the phone a few times after findin' each other, but when we stepped out of our trucks at PIZZA HUT--well, we hugged each other like we were gonna snap in half! We had the most wonderful visit, and I am thrilled to say that he and the Redneck LIKE each other! And Obie is a little impressed with his new uncle too. I can't believe I was so excited I forgot to TAKE PHOTOS! A small oversight that will not happen the next time we meet, I assure you!

Okay--well, I am in town today to drop a dog off at the vet to get her fixed. Bug is a small brown mutt that our family acquired on Super Bowl Sunday on 2004, when she and her mother were dumped in my mother-in-law's driveway. A neighbor called to tell us that a woman had pulled up, dumped out a big bag of dogfood, and then dropped off a dachshund and a puppy, then drove off. The mom, who was dubbed Molly, was snapped up that night and adopted, but no one wanted this ugly little puppy who didn't look  like anything other than a rat. So I brought her home, thinkin' i would take to a local shelter the next day. WRONG. She and my son met, and that was that. She announced that she wanted to be called Bug, and Obie made it plain that she was HIS dog, so she has been with us ever since. I finally have the chance, so I am gettin' her fixed. She is such a good dog--she is  my little huntress. Rabbits have no chance when she is on the prowl. She will shoot into a briar patch after one with no thought for the scratches she's gonna get--her face bears testimony to that!  And she still adores my son. Once when she was a puppy, she tried to scare a thunderstorm away by barkin' at it! i love my animals--every crazy one of them.

Well, I got chores. Later Ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Friday, May 6, 2011

Too Many Ideas? Or Not Enough Of Him?

Doll at a local thrift store. Just thought she was pretty enough to post!

May 6, 2011

I never realized just how hard bloggin' would be until I started doin' one. I mean, I have a gift for gab, in case ya didn't notice, so that's not a problem. I am a decent wordsmith, and with my new camera I have lots of photos to post. So what's the problem?

There are TOO MANY things to write about.

Seriously, I am constantly havin' ideas pop into my head that would make great posts. I even find my prayer time just before sleep bein' invaded by cool ideas, and next I know I'm writin' in my mind, and prayer is shoved aside.

NOT cool.

Addiction is simply too much of anything that prevents you from doin' what is truly important--it can be havin' so many books on your shelf that you can never choose what to read, or too many clothes so that you can't decide what to wear, too many activities that keep you from really doin' anything of real value, too much tv, the list is endless. Heck, it can even be too many tough circumstances that come at you all at once and overwhelm you with stress. It doesn't matter if the clutter is even too many good things, and yes you CAN have too many good things--the fact is that there is TOO MUCH, which shorts out most folk's thought processes, and causes them to shut down on actually DOIN' anyting that really matters.

From my perspective, I am an IDEA ADDICT.

I LOVE IDEAS. I mean any ideas--you give me a problem to solve--I can come up with an idea to solve it. Tell me think outside of the box? Honey--I'll think outside of the CONTINENT. I can look at an old pop up trailer, and in a few minutes I can sketch out an idea to turn it into a travelin' store, complete with slide out product trays and portable office. I can drive past a street corner where men wait to be picked up for day labor, and I will have an idea for a romance novel in which a wealthy man takes a dare to work as a regular guy, only to be picked up by a woman who is tryin' to build a home for disadvantaged kids on a shoestring budget and is bein' harassed by this same guy's company without him knowin' it. (If you are a writer--feel free to use this idea. I've had it for 20 years, just never wanted to write it. I ask only that you thank me in the acknowledgements when you're published. Oh wait--a cut of the royalties, too!)

I was once asked in a graphic design class to design a shopping bag--ONE shopping bag. I designed EIGHT different bags, all with different ideas, including one bag that was done in camoflage with a silhouette of a girl in fatigues holdin' am M16. The name of the store was LITTLE SHOP OF CONTRAS--"Overthrowing the dictators of fashion."

So what's wrong with all these ideas? I get so many I have trouble decidin' on which one to DO. I become so overwhelmed  I just shut down as I try to process all these ideas. I am unable to ACT.

Ideas are not a bad thing. We are created in God's image--which tells ya right there that we are creative beings--we get ideas. It makes me nuts when prople, especially women, say, "I'm just not creative." Really? It's not creative when you feed a family on a limited budget? It's not creative when you take a few odd pieces of furniture and other stuff you find at yard sales and put them together to make a living room that is attractive and welcoming for your family? Look around, folks--people are creative--it may just not take the form of a museum quality painting or best selling novel.

Okay--back to the point. Like everything else God has given us, Ideas can be messed up when WE get involved. Just like when people take ONE VERSE from the Bible and build an entire religion doctrine around it, I take creativity to an extreme when I am so busy GENERATING ideas that I am too busy to IMPLEMENT them. My brain is just like a gerbil on crack(now THERE'S an image for ya)--my mind is not calm enough to see which ideas to put into use and which ones need to be either discarded or set aside for later use. So how do I get my mind calm?

Simple, I go to the One Who created my mind--the One Who made me good with ideas. Hey--when you have a product that messes up--you take back to the manufacturer to get whatever is wrong fixed, dontcha? Well, same thing in this case.

I go to God and as it says in Psalm 46:10, I take the time to "Be still and know that He is God."(My paraphrase)

I take the time to settle in with the Lord and get quiet--not an easy thing with my busy brain. I hand everything to Him, and I mean EVERYTHING, good, bad, ideas, problems, hopes, wishes, friends, enemies, you name it--He gets it. I just pour it all into His hands and then I mentally stretch as my mind feels the weight of all those ideas leave. Then, I begin to fill my mind with HIM, His word, His Spirit--then I become refreshed and calm as I allow Him to rearrange all those ideas into what HE wants, and then I receive them back in a realistic, workable form. I allow Him to give me my priorities in life in their correct order--Him, my family, my home and animals, my church, the many volunteer activities I work on, and then my little patch of creativity, where my bloggin' fits in with crafts and other things.

Then, and only then, am I able to sift through the myriad of ideas that clamor for my attention. I am able to list them by priority--hot topic, good idea to share, simply entertaining, and my favorite--don't you DARE put that on your blog, you'll undo any good you may have already done!

What's your addiction? Have you taken it to the One who made you and knows your heart better than you do yourself? Ask Him to help you get the 'clutter' of addiction out of your life. Sometimes, the best prayer we can pray is simply, "God, please help me."

Now, THAT'S a good idea!

Well, I got chores. Later Ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quiet Sunday & Rollin' Thunder

Punky & Poblano, snoozin' away on Sunday afternoon.

May 3, 2011

Woke up Sunday mornin' and just could not find the incentive to rouse from our beds. This wasn't discouragement or exhaustion--it was simple “comfyness”. We had all been goin’ 90 to nuthin’ for several days, in schedules, physical exertion, and emotional states. We just felt the need to retreat from the world and have time alone as a family. Sometimes such a course is needed in order to restore a healthy balance in life. Jesus withdrew with His disciples in Mark. The key is to withdraw with HIM--not just drop out of everything.

So, no church this week. I texted Preach and let him know what was goin’ on so no one would worry we were stuck in the driveway again after yet MORE rain. We then spent the mornin’ relaxin’, drinkin’ coffee, and sippin’ green tea as we talked and just enjoyed each other’s company. I put on some praise music and began to putter around our humble abode as the Redneck went about feedin’ and waterin’. Obie took advantage of the relaxed time and just rested and dozed a while.

Two of our wolves came in and took over my bed, while the third decided that runnin’ through the stock pond was an excellent idea. My question is this--why does the animal that absolutely refuses to submit to a bath with warm water in a warm bathroom and all the pampering in the world, turns out the be the same one who will lunge joyfully into a cold, smelly stock pond or creek? It makes as much sense as when you blow in a dog’s face they don’t like it, but they will hang their heads out of a car window and adore the wind in their faces. I often marvel at the inconsistency of the animal kingdom. People acting illogically I get--animals you would think had more sense....

After catchin’ up on some simple chores I made a late meal of home made biscuits, sausage gravy and scrambled eggs while THE EXPENDABLES played in the blu ray. The guys were still watchin’ it while I worked on my blog posts in the loft. Rain was comin’ down and makin’ a soothin’ rhythm on the roof, and every now and then a flash of lighting and a distant boom of thunder would punctuate the afternoon quiet.

Most folks have heard the old hymn HOW GREAT THOU ART, and the line “I hear the rolling thunder”. I had heard that line all my life, but didn’t know what rolling thunder was. I knew about booms and claps, but rolling? What was that?

Then I moved to the mountains.

When I first came here, my trailer was on a ledge overlooking a small ravine. It was a beautiful view, and cool breezes wafted through. One day I saw that clouds were gatherin’ so I prepared for a stormy night; seein’ that windows were shut, animals were either in the house with us or in their shelters, and that flashlights and candles were at the ready in case of power failure.

Well, the storm hit, and after a while Obie and I went to our beds. He was out fast, but I lay there lookin’ out the windows at the lighting as it came closer, and countin’ the seconds it took for thunder to follow the flashes. I began to notice that the sound was changin’ as it drew nearer--almost a longer, more drawn out sound.

When the storm finally reached my area--well, it was phenomenal, what I heard.

There would be the usual flash of bright light--then there would be this powerful, well, ROLLING of sound that I felt through my whole body. It would begin at one end of the ravine, and then quite literally the sound would undulate, rising and falling, surging throughout the ravine. Then it would seem to hit one end of the ravine and turn back on itself to roll in the way it had just come. It was without a doubt one of the most awe inducing displays of power I have ever witnessed.

I then understood what the hymn writer meant as I listened to this cacophony of creation.

The scripture states that:

“since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse.” (Romans 1:20)

That night I felt God was like a loving Father Who was givin’ me, His child, a spectacular gift--my own personal light show, fireworks display, celestial extravaganza and a tiny glimpse of His glory.

I used to be terrified of thunder--flinchin’ and tensin’ whenever it crashed around me. I admit--if I’m sleepin’ and a huge crack wakes me up--I still yelp like a scalded hound.

But if I’m awake--it’s like hearin’ Lynyrd Skynyrd, Z.Z. Topp, Hank Williams Jr. and Shooter Jennings as the openin’ acts at the world’s greatest concert, followed by an angel band rockin' Handel’s MESSIAH as the headliner. And *I* have orchestra seatin’!

Well, I got chores. Later ya’ll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett