Friday, April 8, 2011


April 7, 2011

Well, we are in Texas now, safely ensconced in our favorite Motel 6. Everyone has chowed down at the Sonic, showered, and are now restin' with the TV on. Brian and Obie will probably zonk out soon. Me? I got really fast wi-fi, and I'm gonna have a LOTTA fun!

This week, I have been in town everyday except Monday, and I gotta tell ya, I miss bein' at home. And with Brian workin' two extra hours each night, it makes my job as wife, mom and zoo keeper harder. In fact, I've been a bit more stressed than usual, and so I decided to do something about that.

I went to the library, and after lookin' for a while, I found the perfect book, BLUE CHRISTMAS, By Mary Kay Anderson. I love her other books, HISSY FIT, SAVANNAH BLUES, and others. They all take place in and around Savannah, Georgia, and the heroines are wonderfully spunky and full of heart. They are romantic, but there is no 'in your face sex'. You know that it is a part of life, but you are spared the details. And you can't read one of her books without snickerin', gigglin', or clappin' your hand over your mouth to keep from laughin' out loud.

Okay, first stage completed. Picked up the Redneck from work, got home and fed horses, fixed an easy supper of hamburgers, heated up water and prepped baths. Got Obie through his routine, then Brian got sent into the bathroom for his bath.

Now, you recall that the book I picked up is BLUE CHRISTMAS. Well, that is one of my favorite songs, so I caught myself hummin' it while I went about doin' stuff to prepare for today's whirlwind of activity.

Then I found myself actually singin' the lyrics.

From the bathroom I hear, "Hey, stop singin' that--it's not a song I'm fond of."

"Okay, baby."

So I begin singin' ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU, by Vince Vance.

From the bathroom;

"Cut it out!"

"Sorry, sweetie." (BIG EVIL GRIN)

I next break out into Madonna's version of SANTA BABY.

Now I am hearin' grumblin' from behind the door (or is that a whimpered 'uncle'?).

So--Brian gets into his jammies and heads off to dreamland. I check on Obie--he's zonked out.

I head to the bathroom, light my candles, hop into the tub, and after the necessary ablutions, I dry my hands really well, sink down into the hot water, and reach for the book. I spend the next hour or so relaxin' and enjoyin' my book by candlelight. Then I get out and finish gettin' ready for bed. I am so relaxed, I drop right off.

What I'm gettin' at here is that you don't have to go away for a long vacation or take Paxil to reduce your stress levels. You are worth the effort, but it doesn't have to be a BIG THING. Just find something you really enjoy that relaxes you, and DO IT.

You can most likely tell that I love to read, rest in a tub, and harass my Beloved.

Well, I got...hey, it's almost midnight--I got no chores! Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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