Friday, April 1, 2011

Needing Back On Track--A Thank You to Mrs. White

April 1, 2011

A few days ago, one of my favorite blogs, The Legacy Of Home http/, posted an article entitled, The Discipline Of Cancer. It is very touching in a profound way, and I urge all of you to read it.

Well, after I read the post, it stuck with me. It followed me, pestered me, poked me, and finally it just stood in front of me, holding up its hands and saying, "Evelyn--PAY ATTENTION."
Now, I don't have cancer, and with the Lord's grace, I never will. However, I do have a propensity to fall away from good habits. I also have a problem with whining about difficulties that come my way. I honestly believe that God has placed Mrs. White's post in my life to wake me up to my falling away, not only from healthy habits I had worked so hard to develop when I became ill, but also from spiritual habits that had been helping me in developing a stronger relationship with God through His Son, Jesus.
Mrs. White speaks of how disciplining her eating and other health habits spilled over into her spiritual habits;

"This discipline of eating for survival carried into my spiritual life. I was less likely to give-in to other temptations - anger, putting off Bible reading, laziness, etc. I was able to live a very structured religious life. It was because of my suffering that I began to yield to God's ways. I was meek and quiet under the rod of affliction."

In my own life, after I spent a night in the hospital, I had to make a choice. I could continue as I had been, and possibly enjoy another trip to the ER or worse--or I could get my head outta my backside, take an honest, hard look at my lifestyle, and make the changes necessary to get back the physical and spiritual health I had neglected for so long. I chose the latter.

Like Mrs. White, I did the required things to get back physical health--I ate mostly raw foods, drank good clean water, began to walk each day, stretched and worked on breathing deeply. I also began to pray over my food again, read scripture at each meal, make time to read inspirational books and listen to uplifting music, and prayed to have God change me into the woman He wanted me to be. I began to let go of anger, self-pity and resentment against people who had hurt me.

All these things worked to help me lose weight and gain peace. I wasn't perfect in my quest, I assure you. I still got angry and I still stuffed my face with junk on occasion. But things were going well, even with the spiritual speed bumps that kept popping up.

However (there is always a however, isn't there?) when my husband's grandmother passed away, and I decided to accompany him to his family's for the funeral--I hit a BIG bump. I was around many of the very people who had harmed myself and my son. I had to walk a very fine line between cool politeness and outright rudeness as I attended the funeral. I was warm to the people I knew had nothing to do with what had happened, and I was honest when I told them that I was only there for my husband's sake. I got through the days we were there with little ill effect, or so I thought.

In the days and weeks that followed, after we had returned from the funeral, I began to 'slip' from my hard-won disciplines. My husband was on vacation during the Christmas holidays, and he was ill for the first week or so. Much of my time was spent caring for him, and I used that as an excuse to not walk as much. I also found myself sleeping in the afternoons when we would all lie down to rest. A nap is not a bad thing--but combined with less exercise, eating less healthy foods, and dwelling on the pain that I had suffered at the hands of the people I had not been around for over two years--well, I found myself taking up a burden that I had laid down at the foot of the Cross a year earlier.

It is now four months into the new year, and I have been thinking about how I need to get back on track with my disciplines. I have only gained back eight pounds, but I am well aware that those eight can quickly turn back into 60 if I don't re-establish good habits.

I have been crying out to God for help, and I believe that He has supplied it with Mrs. White's post. She writes at the end of the article;

"Right now, I need that discipline back. I am failing in many ways. I need to remember the history and learn from my lessons. Why do we forget? Why do we fall back into the old ways? Today, I will make a plan - both for food and one for religious duties. May God help us all stay on track!"

Amen, Mrs. White--to paraphrase an old Jewish saying, "from your blog to God's inbox."

Well, I got chores--then a nice long walk. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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