Monday, April 25, 2011

Walkin' In Thunderstorms--KEWL!

April 25, 2011, 2:11p.m.

Okay--have had a heckuva day so far! After takin' care of some business in town, we headed up to home to feed and do chores. Got almost down the drive, and the truck just decided to get mired in the muck from the rain. Tried gettin' it out a couple of times, but quickly determined that wasn't gonna happen without 4-wheel drive. So, I told my son to stay in the truck, and I went down the drive to feed, grabbed rain slickers and headed back to the truck. We put what we would need in my big back pack, and began the trek into town. Now, of course, I could have whined and complained that this had happened, but I'm weird. Instead, I was thrilled that we were gonna get to take a long walk, and that I would be able to get some photos with my camera!

I just told the Lord that HIS truck was stuck, and that HIS children needed a safe ride to town.

Well, we got a safe ride, and the truck will be pulled out by a buddy with 4-wheel drive this afternoon. God is good beyond belief! I also got some cool photos.

I honestly dunno the names of many of the plants that I love to look at and photograph, but I enjoy lookin' for them among the grass and rocks they grow in. These are pretty little bell shaped flowers that grow on those frilly fronds you see next to them.

As we walked along, I found myself face to face--with a tree with a face! I thought this fella looked rather cheery, if a bit creepy in the bargain!

I found several of these growin' under a wire fence along the road. Their shape intrigued me, as well as the thorn like ends of the leaves. I'll be goin' back in a few days to see what comes from the center--I'll keep ya posted.

Nope--this is not a ragin' river. This is a DITCH beside the road we walked along. I can imagine squirrels white water raftin' in bark canoes--can't you? Come on, use your imagination, see the little guys paddlin' like crazy as they go over the rapids, shoutin' out "cowabunga!"

Umm...was that over the top?



This is a mullein plant. It's really big compared to most. They have soft, 'furry' leaves. I was told once that Puritan women sometimes used to rub the leaves over their cheeks to give them a bit of color. I think the sap raises blood to the skin, giving a blushing appearance. I won't be tryin' that cosmetics use!

Okay--while not a popular plant--you have to admit that poison oak is rather pretty. However, it can make you miserable if you get into it, and the plant is a parasite, so it can eventually choke out a tree that it is attached to. Hmm...there has to be a sermon in there somewhere.

I found these at the edge of the road near town. I thought they look a lot like those flutterin' streamers you see at some businesses.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our walk to town. I like to think that when I show ya'll these photos, they will inspire you to LOOK as you go along, not just see the obvious. It takes a bit of work to see all the wonders that surround us, and while none of these plants would rate a special on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, they are a beautiful part of God's creation.

Well, I got chores. Later, Ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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