Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Grace Country Cowboy Church--a Virtual Tour

April 6, 2011

I am havin' way too much fun with my new camera. I really like this new fangled digital doodad. I was snappin' photos before church Sunday, and thought it would be fun to take ya'll on a virtual tour of Grace Country Cowboy Church. Here goes:
This is the first thing ya see when ya pull up into the driveway of Grace Country. I think the kneelin'
Cowboy is really nice, don't you?
This is one of the outside walls of the barn--and yes, it IS a barn. I love the weathered wood.

Here is a detail of the same wall. Love the cross made from horse shoes--no shortage of those around this group!

Here is the entrance to the church. I caught my Beloved with his coffee.

When you first walk in, you will see this neat shelf on your right. See the two buckets? We don't take up an offerin'. If folks feel led to give, they put money and prayer requests into the buckets. Obie loves to give his offerin' since they are metal buckets and his offerin' is always in quarters--makes a wonderful "THUNK!" when they hit the bottom! Scripture says the Lord loves a cheerful giver. My son is practically GIDDY about givin'.

Next the the shelf you wil see a pew with this ammo box sittin' on it. Inside is every Christian's ammo--the Word of God. These are Cowboy New Testaments. We give a lot of these out at events, and we also give out Biker New Testaments in connection with our biker ministry, Spokes and Spurs.

Over in the far corner you will see the sound 'booth'. This is where my Beloved helps to make certain that microphones and music work to help with worship.

At the front you will see the altar, and yes it is an altar, even though it is made from rough cut lumber and covered with horse blankets. A lot of tears have been shed here, and many a heart has found the peace of Jesus kneelin' on that sawdust floor--mine included.

Here is a detail of one of the corners. I think the Cross brandin' iron is really neat--I think one of the boys from the high school made them in shop.
Here is the pulpit and a cross made of metal that a former music minister made. He did gorgeous work, and he is also a Cowboy poet. His name is Bill Bunting.

This here is the fella that occupies that pulpit on Sundays and Wednesdays! His name is Clint Cannon, and I am proud to call him Preach, Little Brother, and Freind. I also call him knucklehead at times, but those are rare....(grin). When I told him I wanted to take his picture to post on here, he said, "Man, I shoulda worn my Cowboy Hat!" I figure you can tell he's a cowboy just by the way he stands.

This is our music minister and associate preacher, Rusty McCormick. Rusty is a crazy man for God--and that's a GOOD thing! He inspires me to reach out in ways that I never thought of. I love that about our church--folks ain't 'afeared' to reach out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in non-traditional ways. Oh yeah, and along with Rusty comes.....

...his lovely wife, Miz, Katy! Isn't she beautiful? And she has a beautiful spirit, and wow--talk about a heart for the Lord! Together as husband and wife, they serve God in ministry.

This is the view from the pulpit of the seatin' arrangement. The fella in orange is Obie--I think he's headed for the snacks on the counter!

Now, before we head over to the children's church buildin', I wanted ya to make sure and know where ya go to take care of them thar 'urges' from too much Cowboy coffee. We have a 6 hole outhouse--and in Cowboy Church terms--that means we are practically a mega church!
Our Children's Church Buildin' is this cute little barn. We saw to it that the youngun's had air conditionin' and heat.
I think it's fixed up mighty purty. Behind the little divider is the nursery area fer the 'itty bittys'. The way our youngun department is growin--we may need a bigger buildin'!

Well, that's it fer now! As you head out into the sunset, you notice the back of the entry sign. I hope that ya'll check out the link to GCCC on the right, and that is any of you are ever in the Wilburton, OK, area, that you stop by fer a visit.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.

© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett


  1. Dear Evelyn,

    I love it; how wonderfully rustic! I would love to visit your cowboy church with my youngins. :)



  2. I love the photos and descriptions! I love love the Cowboy Preacher. I call him "Son"! : ) You do such a good job, Evelyn! I may have to ask for lessons someday ... beg? Whatever! Great Job! You are a very smart lady!