Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Holy Blown Out Pancreas, Batman! AND..More photos from Texas Trip

April 12, 2011

Well, this mornin', Obie and I got a nasty surprise. We had dropped Brian off at work, and then we went to our wifi spot. Since we didn't have time for a real breakfast, not even fruit, we grabbed this big pastry thing and some OJ. Now, Brian buys these things occasionally, and he eats on one all day, during which he works and burns off the sugar. Some days he can't even finish them. He's a big guy, too, so no big deal.


You take two people who are much smaller than Brian, have them split this huge thing (I'm not jokin'--it's the size of a dinner plate) and eat it within a 20 minute period, along with juice, and you have the makin's of a


We had no idea what had happened until we were drivin' back up the mountain, and we began to have difficulty keepin' our eyes open. I had to work to stay awake gettin' up Suicide Hill ( I love the names they have for places around here). I was blinkin' and strugglin' to hold up my head, and Obie was just zonkin' in the passenger seat.

Now, normally, when we get home, we feed immediately, but today, I went straight to the camper and fell on the bed. I pulled the covers over  my head and passed smooth out. Obie hit his bed, too. We were gone for almost two hours. When I woke up, I felt awful. It took me a awhile to realize what had happened. I fixed us some simple eggs and toast, and by the time we finished feedin' and waterin', we were fine.

I don't have diabetes, but it wouldn't take too many incidents like that to turn me into one. I won't be as prone to get into such a big hurry and forget to set out the breakfast foods we need to eat healthy.

Okay--now that the drama is over, I wanted to show ya'll a few more photos of our trip to Texas.

As any of ya'll who have ever read or listened to me for five minutes know--I am a cheapskate, and proud to be one. I practice what I call 'thriftology'. It's the 'faith based science of frugality'. Well, when Obie and I walked to the bookstore Friday, we passed the GOODWILL store. I LOVE GOODWILL and other thrift shops. We used to live around Denton, so of course, we had to stop in at one of our old haunts.

While I only bought two items, I found some fun things to show ya'll.

Here's the two items I actually purchased:

I had a lady hold this up for me. It's a kit for handmade cards. It has a easy book for instructions, and there are several templates for makin' flower petals, envelopes, and there is even one project that helps you make a BOX that is also a GREETING CARD! You can put a gift and card together! It all comes in a nice stationary box. Price? $1.55.

This book, in near perfect condition, was only a $1.00. I like to purchase books like this inexpensively, because once I'm finished with it, I can donate it to one of our local llibraries.

I had to show ya'll these gorgeous canisters. I found a set like them 13 years ago, in a mall in Ft. Worth, TX. In the shop, they sold for almost $20.00 EACH. In GOODWILL? $2.55 each!

Just about everyone loves these little copper kettles for decoration. Doncha just love the little folk art angel next to it? She's like a guy I dated in highschool--just ugly enough to be cute!

This cup and saucer were just wonderful. The colors would be perfect for cocoa in the fall, after rakin' leaves.

This is a teapot with the lid missin'. I thought that an ivy or sweet potato vine comin' out of it would look cute in a kitchen window.

This is the other side. Isn't the glaze awesome? If you had a Japanese decor, this would just set it off.

I really wish I had picked this photo album up for $1.55. It would be a great recipe book--especially for all those Cajun Recipes!

This is a gorgeous 'coffee table' book. It's in great condition, and the photos are inspirin'. For only a $1.00!

I just know this little tiny drawer set would be great in a nursery. The animals are the handles!

THESE are my prize finds. Little girl's formal dresses, black velvet, sprinkled with gold glitter, trimmed in lace......

Honestly, if I knew the sizes of my friend's little girls--I'd have snapped them up. They would even make yummy dresses for a life sized baby doll.

Okay, so ya see that I know my way around a thrift store.  Not everything is 70's leisure suits and avacado green lampshades (although I do know a few folks who would drool over those things!). I think as I go about my 'bidness', I'll take photos of the goodies I find and post them, to inspire my readers to look for the gems hidden in the rubble.

 Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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  1. Dear Evelyn,

    What fun finds! Aside from the first rush of fabric-softener-scented clothing, you just have to love the feeling of richness you get from thrift stores. :)