Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Early Mornin' And Bein' Happy

April 26, 2011

Okay--the electric was back on when I got home last night, our buddy Casey took us home and took a whole 30 seconds to pull the truck outta the drive. I had put stuff out for supper, so it took about an hour while I did the evenin' feedin' for the meal to be ready. Settled in to finish watchin' NCIS on DVD, then had a lovely night of sleepin'.

It's 6:10 in the a.m., and I am lookin' up at a waning moon above me, as a sunrise is sneakin' up from the east. It's a quiet, clear sky--no angry clouds, no flashing lightning or booms of thunder to shake the windows. It's still too wet to really do much outside other than basic chores, but the water tank and rain barrels are filled to overflowin', so laundry will commence in the old wringer washer when the sun breaks out this weekend.

The radio is playin' country music, and Obie is dozin' while I write. Soon it will be light, and life will lose that soft, fuzzy quality that heralds a new day. I will miss it as I enter into all the activity that will follow. However, an energy that comes from the daylight will begin to recharge my spirit. I will jump in with both feet, snatching life by the throat and squeeze every drop of the joy I can from every moment.

Whoa--didn't know I was that deep....

I once had a woman tell me I drove her crazy because even if faced with trials, and I have been cryin' my eyes out--I still stay pretty happy. Yeah, I guess I do most times, but I have hit the pits of depression a lot of times in my life. I've been scared, I've been absolutely mired in self-pity, hatred, and just a bad case of 'what's the use?". But I seldom really stay there.


Well, mainly, because to stay that miserable is usually by choice, and face it--that's just STUPID. I may not be the sharpest cookie on the tree--but I am NOT stupid.

As I have aged, I have experienced enough trials and tragedies in my life to know that when scripture says 'it came to pass'--it's true. No matter what the outcome may be--the problem will not stay forever. Another will come to take it's place, or there will be a time of quiet peace to allow you to gear up for the next challenge.

Besides--no matter how bad things get--choosin' to be miserable ain't gonna help!

I'm not sayin' to ignore the reality of a situation--I'm sayin' look for the GOOD in everything. If you know God through His Son Christ Jesus, you have an added bonus of knowin' that even if everyone turns their backs on you--He says He will NEVER leave you or forsake you. All you gotta do is trust Him, no matter the outcome of a situation. I know that even though I may HATE how things turn out--it will always ultimately be for God's glory and my good (yes, Preach, I was payin' attention a few weeks ago!).

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett


  1. Does anyone have video of this machine in action? I would love see the clothes go into the rollers.
    Did you ever get anything caught in a wringer?or ruined a couple of shirts.

  2. Ane--welcome to my blog--hope you're entertained and maybe even learn somethin'!

    I don't have any video of my machine as it works--just never thought to get some. I'll try to get some made and uploaded this week.

    Now, my machine is hard to get the rollers movin' sometimes, and for big stuff, I just wring by hand. Saves time and aggrevation, plus it helps me build upper body strength! Who needs a gym?

    Never ruined any shirts--of course that could be because we wear mostly t-shirts--they don't get their buttons stuck!

    Do you homestead in Canada?