Monday, April 18, 2011

I HATE Copperhead Snakes, and Photos From Our First Ranch Rodeo

April 18, 2011

Well, we lost Bubba Thursday, buried him Friday mornin', and then when we got in at 2 a.m. Sunday mornin' from the first ranch rodeo, we found that we had also lost Bubba's son, Zeke. I talked with our vet this mornin', and he said that right now copperhead snakes are truly dangerous, since their venom is extra strong at this time of year.

Fortunately, none of my other wolves are housed anywhere near the area where Bubba and Zeke were. I am fixin' to make that area real hazardous for snakes, also. I will be startin' a hunt in the mornin'. I will take a rake, an axe, and a pistol with me, and I intend to ferret out any and all snakes I find. It will not be pretty. I am serious, I would rather have to deal with a rattlesnake, because they at least give you a warnin' that they are there. They really don't want to tangle with anything bigger then themselves. But a copperhead is pure, unadulterated EVIL ON A STICK.

Okay--'nuff said. let's move on.

As I stated, we went to the first ranch rodeo of the year for the Oklahoma Fellowship of Cowboy Churches (

It was at Red River Valley Cowboy Church, in Albany, Oklahoma.
It was great. We were the first from our church to arrive. We got our little tent set up

and Fancy out grazin'. We then went to a wonderful BBQ joint in Calera, CHUCK'S BBQ ( Deelicious! And a good price too.

After we got back, the rest of our church crew showed up and everyone either got their tents or horse trailers set up, and after all the kids had a chance to run wild and burn off the energy they had built up while travelin' and the adults got to visit and decide the next day's strategies, we all turned in. I slept quite well, thank yew fer askin'.

Our family was up around 6 a.m., and then began the greatest task of all....

Foraging for coffee. The lady at the sink fillin' the coffee pot is Diane Toma. Her husband, George, is the pastor at Red River. If you ever get a chance to visit on a Sunday mornin'--stop in, 'cuz George presents the Gospel in a way that everyone can understand. And the folks who go there are just stupendous. The young woman behind her is Destiny, and I found out that she and I are distant cousins. Of course, you can see the Redneck at the right, havin' difficulty functionin' due the lack of caffine in his system. Over on the left, is our freind, Casey. He's also 'jonesin'
fer java!

Mission accomplished!

You recall our Preacher, Clint, doncha? Well, here he is, lookin' all 'kicked puppy dog'. The reason? He didn't get to the coffee in time! Don't worry, though, he got fixed up later.

Here is a view of the church's indoor arena from the announcer's platform. It's hard to believe that this vast, quiet, empty space will soon be filled with cowboys, horses, cattle, and noise--oh yeah, LOTS of noise.

While some folks were gettin' ready, Preacher Tim Jones, from Ardmore, and his wife Kristal, brought out this beautiful horse, Bama, and her adorable baby. It stayed right next to mama and was just precious.
And of course, the neighbors had to check out the new baby.

This gentleman is George Toma, the Preacher for Red River. He was helpin' to check out a horse to be certain it was not lame.

It's about time to start checkin' in and payin' fees. These lovely ladies will be happy to help you.

Here is my beloved and my Fancypants, all ready to chase cows. Isn't he dashin'? (sigh)

See. I told ya'll it was gonna get crowded in here! The rodeo hasn't even started yet. I just love the way this photo turned out--almost like a painting.
Here's another cowboy gettin' his horse ready. This scene was repeated all over the grounds.

This cutie was just enjoyin' her day out and greeted me as I passed by 'her' truck.

Is it our turn to chase cows yet?

Two little buckaroos--or would that be 'buckarettes'?

The first event was brandin'. A team of four goes into a round pen, two on horseback, two on the ground. The mounted cowboys rope the steer, the ground crew gets it ready, and then one of the ground crew runs to get the brandin' iron settin' in a bucket of flour, runs back, 'brands' the steer and then hightails it to set the iron back in the bucket. Fastest time wins points.

Here's some of our church folks waitin' for their turn to brand.

Now, of course, not everyone was inside watchin' the fun. Many of the smaller folks were just outside, doin' what kids love to do. And it wouldn't be springtime in Oklahoma without a bunch of youngun's splashin' in a pond.

One little guy came up and proudly showed off his find--frog's eggs. I of course took a photo for posterity!

One of the things I love about the cowboys in our churches is that they are all men--in other words, they have a heart for God and their families, and they don't believe a man who does is less manly than one who is profane, carouses and neglects his family. you will see tenderness on these men's faces when they look at their wives and children, and reverence for the Lord.

Restin' betwixt events.

Little Kaylynn is just plum tuckered out. We all were, after bein' there all day and a lot of the night. There were so many teams, they didn't get finished until after 10 p.m.. By the time we got everybody's scores, Fancy loaded up, and the truck turned around, it was after 11.

Poblano was perched on top of the beddin', and she seemed to be sayin', "Can we PLEASE go home now?"

We left, and made it home by 2 a.m.. We unloaded Fancy, and I walked her into the corral. We all just fell into bed and passed smooth out, until Obie woke us up wantin' coffee, and hollerin' that we had to go to church.

So, that was the first ranch rodeo, hope ya'll enjoyed my little photo album.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett


  1. Dear Evelyn,

    Your rodeo pictures make me feel like I'm right there with you! It looks like everyone had a great time; thanks for sharing.



  2. p.s. I'm so sorry about Bubba and Zeke; I hope you clean out the snakes.