Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Poem Shared

March 2, 2011

Well, the big day came and went--I turned 54 years of age on Sunday with very little fanfare or fuss. My biggest treat was that I got to read one of my poems at church before the sermon--and when 'Preach' looked it over before services, I was thrilled when he said that it actually tied right in with his sermon that day! I had written it a couple of years ago, but didn't feel the urge to read it in church till this week--it wouldn't have been appropriate until the right sermon came along. God has impeccable timing, ya know?

The poem is about witnessing to THOSE people. You know who I’m talkin’ about--the ones we feel uncomfortable presenting the Gospel to, for whatever reason. I had started writing it with one theme in mind, but the Lord said, “Nope, we are headin’ in this direction.” I like when He leads my writing, because it always turns out better than if I just decide to follow my own path. When I sometimes think of some of the things I have ALMOST written in my lifetime....(shudder). I am grateful that few of those things ever came to be, since they would have been a hindrance to my effectiveness as a writer later in life.

Anyway, I thought I would share the poem I read in church with ya’ll. I hope you like it, and that it makes you think about your own witnessing efforts.

Sacred Space
© 2009 by Evelyn Edgett

A Christian cowboy was walkin’ along one day,
When he saw a man actin’ a real strange way.
He had a beard, tie-dyed shirt, beads and rope sandals.
He stood in the middle of a rock circle, shakin’ some rattles.
Then he closed his eyes, hands together, started bowin’ up and down,
Started chantin’ somethin’ loudly, made an awful sound.
“Hey young feller, what ya doin’ over there?”
The man pointed his finger, and gave the cowboy a glare.
“Dude,” he said. “You really need to move your face.
You are disturbing the aura of my sacred space.”
“Sacred space? That sounds odd,” the cowboy said.
While thinkin’ this fella’s peculiar--he ain’t right in the head.
“Well, I can’t expect someone as unenlightened as you,
To understand the deep spiritual things that I do.
You see, I worship nature, she is my mother,
And each rock, tree and creature, they are my brother.”
“Uh...huh,” said the cowboy, and he blinked once or twice.
“Ya say ya’ll are related? well now, that’s right nice.
But what about all that mumblin’ and bobbin’ up and down?
And how come ya got those rocks piled all around?’
“Obviously, you are completely unaware, of the metaphysical forces that fill the air.
My chanting sends out energy into the sphere,
And my movements draw friendly angels to me here.
The rock circle creates for my chakras a cleansing zone.
You really should try this--even OPRAH has one.”
“Really,” said the cowboy, backing up on his toes.
“Well, I’ll talk to you later--let me know how that goes.”
Later the cowboy sat under a tree, his Bible in his hand.
He saw the beauty of God’s creation, trees, streams and land.
He chuckled as he thought of that weird little fella,
Till he heard the Lord whisper,
“You sure acted yella.”
“What Lord? Why, I’ve never run from a fight.”
“But you ran from that man who needs a new life.”
“But Father, he’s nuts! He can’t see Your truth!”
“Then tell him how I change lives, use yours as the proof.
Show him salvation’s not found in rituals or chantin’.
And Oprah ain’t got the answer--no matter her rantin’.
Show him he doesn’t need circles, rattles, or even a bell,
He just needs me Me, so now you go and tell
That man you walked away from the truth of my love.
He’s odd, yes, but your testimony may just be the shove
He needs to learn the answer to his sacred space riddle.
Sacred space? It’s just a heart with Christ in the middle.

Who are YOU walkin’ away from?

Well, I got chores. Later ya’ll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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  1. Dear Evelyn,

    Brava! Wonderful poem, and so true! We do need to be mindful of even those who are a little "out there", don't we? They're God's children, too.