Monday, March 28, 2011

My Laptop is Fixed, I Have My New Camera, and I Try To Break My Nose

March 28, 2011

Yay! My computer is out of the hospital, and it is clean of any nasty viruses. I wanna thank Clarke and Jim at the McAlester STAPLES for savin' my data and cleanin' up my laptop so it's runnin' nice and fast again. Clarke also helped me to pick out my new digital camera--yes, I finally have my camera, and it is great. I have been learnin' how to use it, and it is so easy. I used to do photography years ago, and i didn't realize how much I missed mentally settin' up shots, framin' my subject, and oh--how I miss my darkroom....(sigh). I used to spend many a happy hour with my enlarger and all the trays of developer, fixer, etc. I worked in mostly black and white, since I love playin' with the contrast of shadow and light. Maybe I can find a program that lets me do some black and white. We'll see.

Now, one of the other reasons I haven't posted for over a week is that the Sunday after I put my laptop into intensive care, I tried to give myself a concussion.

We were at the rodeo grounds after church, and after saddling up Fancypants, Brian decided we would 'push' the cows we would be using for rodeo practice. This means that we would drive them down the main arena alley into the chute where they could have special wraps on their horns, then released into the arena for practice. It would save time for the other team members, and we could start practice sooner. Simple, right? Yeah.....

So, here we are, Brian on Fancy, me on the ground. He directs me as to which gate to open or close, where to stand, etc, and he drives the cows from Fancy's back. It was goin' so well, I'm really proud of us accomplishing this alongside my husband.

And then, this one cow decides to turn funny in the chute....

We had the cows in the last part of the chute, when one heifer at the front got turned sideways, blockin' the others and givin' the potential for the others to get turned and start back up the chute towards Brian.

"Babe," he says. "Go turn that one cow up front, please."

"No problem," I reply. I slip out of the gate, turn and take off runnin' to do ask he asks. I am so intent on my task, I fail to see the...


My forehead seems to explode, and there is shock and pain as my upper body stops abruptly, but my legs keep goin’. I feel myself fallin’, so my hands reach up and grab at the iron crossbar I have just slammed into at a full tilt boogie. It’s not only the thing I have just rammed the front of my head into, it is now the one thing keepin’ me from fallin’ back on the back of my head as I grip it.

So, here I am, hangin’ from this bar, my legs out in front of me, my backside just a few inches from the ground, my head hangin’ back, eyes closed, mouth open, and my brains feel like cottage cheese on a tilt-a-whirl.

From behind me, I hear my Beloved ask in a calm voice,

“Why did you run into that?”

Now I am really concerned. I figure that not only have I probably given my self a concussion and disfigured myself for life--I have just learned that my husband is an IDIOT!

Then I hear that same calm voice ask,

“Are you okay?”

As I hang there, in my head, I am thinkin’, ‘Oh yeah, just yippee skippee, precious, in fact, I am enjoyin’ this so much, I think I’m gonna take this up as a hobby, what’s YOUR opinion, dear?’

In reality, I mumble, “Yeah, I’m okay. Let me go get this cow turned.” I stagger over, turn the cow, then, as I grab my forehead and nose, I stagger over to a friend’s horse trailer, and over a time, get ice in a baggie. I then spend most of the rodeo practice sittin’ on the bleachers, keepin’ ice over my rapidly swellin’ nose and forehead.

The highlight is, I am able to gross out the cowboys when they see under the ice pack.

Basically, I spent the next two days lookin’ like a Klingon, with ice on my head and unable to do much more than the most basic household tasks. Wednesday I woke up and while the swellin’ had gone down, Brian noted that I now had bruises on both eyes that continued down my cheeks like bloody tears.

Well, now it is a week later, and I am feelin’ much better, although my bruises have now turned a lovely yellowish green. I am thrilled that I can now get back to a regular routine, To top off my recovery, yesterday I noticed that the poke sallet is comin’ up, so I will be pickin’ and fixin’ the first fresh greens of the spring this week.

Well, I got chores. Later, ya’ll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett


  1. Dear Evelyn,

    Ouch! I hope your poor face is better soon; not fun!

    I'm excited that you have a camera to use now, and am looking forward to seeing your non-Klingon self! :)

    Maybe you could take some poke sallet photos, too.



  2. Mystery Solved! BTW: Did I tell you I really like the way you write? (How many times?)

    Glad You're Back!


  3. Ladies--

    I am way ahead of you, Marqueta. I already been snappin' photos of poke sallet and I am plannin' a post on how I cook it.

    Char, thanks for the compliment. It helps that I love to write. Actually I love to TALK, and writin' just allows me to yap my head off without wearin' out my voice!