Friday, March 18, 2011

My Computer is ill, I'm Testing the Jane Austen Waters, and Zombies

March 18, 2011

Well, after years of internet surfin'--I caught a virus. It's one of those things where someone sends you a problem in order to force you to buy their solution for the problem THEY caused, and then they have your credit card number. Ya know, if these folks would put the same effort into doing something CONSTRUCTIVE as they do into this type of nonsense, the world would be better off.

So, it looks like I'll be outta pocket for a few days while STAPLES fixes the problem. Actually, my biggest problem will be tellin' the Redneck when I pick him up from work today. He ain't gonna be happy. I'll be reduced to using the library computer for a bit, so please be patient as I get this taken care of.

What makes me nuts about this situation is that I now have 4 followers (I was able to stop followin' my own blog, so now the numbers are right), I finally have a playlist that reflects some of my values and humor, I will have my new camera by the end of the month, I am chompin' at the bit to do a post on how to make a loom and weave with really easy and cheap materials.... I know, I KNOW--it's in HIS timin', not mine. I guess I will use the time to get some other things done. {HEAVY SIGH} Too bad the best way to get patience is to have to just go through it. Preach says he was once told, "Stop just GOIN' through it and start GROWIN' through it!" Pray ladies, pray!

One of the things I can do while this is happenin' is to do some readin. I am reading a new biography of Louisa May Alcott, and I'll let you know how that reads. Since many of my online ladies like to read older novels, by Jane Austen and such, I have decided to take the plunge and read MANSFIELD PARK. I don't recall if I've ever read anything else from that era other than LITTLE WOMEN, JANE EYRE, and tales by Charles Dickens. I would like to have a bit more in common with my online sisters, and since I can't envision any of ya'll reading PRIDE AND PREDJUDICE AND ZOMBIES (I'm not kiddin', the book is REAL) anytime soon....I thought I'd read something a bit more sedate to start off.

Well, I got chores, ya'll.
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