Monday, March 7, 2011

Butt Draggin', 2 Minute Toilet Talks, and Self Pity

March 7, 2011

I'm beginning to think that whoever coined the term Stay At Home Mom....never was one.

I have been in town everyday since last Tuesday, due to errands that needed to be run. That wouldn't be so bad if I could just come into town, do what I have to then go home. But since we only have one vehicle, I have to leave with the Redneck at 5 am to get the truck, then we wait until 4:30 to go home. Makes for a looong day. My butt is draggin' so much, I have rug burns on both cheeks.

This was a busy weekend. My friend Anne and I went to a W.O.W. meeting. W.O.W. is Women Of Worship. We meet at the First Baptist Church here in Wilburton. We have food, fellowship, and a wonderful speaker. Many women from different churches come together to learn how to apply God's Word in their lives.

Anne was a little nervous about attending. She had never been before, and wasn't certain she would 'fit in'. Apparently her husband told her "Hey--you're goin' with EVELYN. If they take HER, you're a shoe in!"

Hmm......not sure about that comment......

Anyway, Anne fit right in and had a good time. I think she'll be coming back.

Our speaker was Teresa Brady. She is wonderful. The topic she covered that day was CLIFFHANGING: LET GO AND LET GOD. Boy, did it hit home with me! I especially loved the term "2 minute toilet talk". You know, where we go to the bathroom and reach around for that little devotional book, read the short devotional, then say, "Okay, Lord, I got my quiet time in with You today, I'm good to go!" (Seriously, I felt she was a little TOO close to home with that one.)

The talk was entertaining, inspiring and encouraging. If you wanna check her out, she has a blog called "Not Home Yet" at

By the time our family got home Saturday evening, we were exhausted. I made pizza and a salad for dinner...and we forgot to eat the salad. Yup, it was sittin' right there on the counter after dinner. Ever see a salad pout? I guess it had been anticipating joining in the family meal, all dressed up in NEWMAN'S OWN Walnut and Cranberry(I found a CART FULL of the stuff at a salvage store for 25 cents a bottle. My cheap little heart danced as I loaded up my basket.).

Okay, now I am anthropomorphizing the salad. Yeah, I’m tired.

We stayed home yesterday morning, we were so tired. We spent a quiet time with each other and our animals. Then we loaded up Fancypants and Rascal, our saddles and other tack, and headed down to the rodeo grounds for church ranch rodeo practice.

We unloaded horses, saddled ‘em up, and I took off on Fancy for bit. She was so good for me, but I had to ride in Brian’s saddle. It’s really too big for me, and my feet don’t fit well in the stirrups. I can’t make her trot or run, since my legs are too short to enable me to stand in the stirrups.

After practice began, I had to relinquish my baby girl, and stand around holdin’ on to Rascal’s lead rope. It was cold, I was still tired, bored and I went into Miz Crankypants mode. I walked Rascal back to the trailer and pouted about how UNFAIR it was that I had to HOLD ONTO A HORSE! I couldn't go sit with my friends or read. Yeesh, sometimes I just marvel at how childish I can be. I mean, come on--I'm 54, actin' like I'm 5. The thing is, the whole time I was being an idiot, I was well aware of how silly I was being.

How many times has the Savior patiently listened to our whining, just waiting for us to shut up and LISTEN? Psalm 46:10 says,
“Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”

As I stood there, being pitiful, I saw that my attitude was making my horse anxious. He wasn’t sure WHY I was upset, he was just concerned that HE may have caused my distress.

I looked into those big dark eyes, and I felt really bad. I started to stroke his neck, and massage his shoulders, legs, etc. As I ministered to my animal, my own emotions began to calm down. My breathing deepened, my muscles relaxed, and I found myself talking to the Lord, repenting of my bad attitude.

Matthew 11:28 says:
“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

It was amazing(isn’t it always?). As I came to Jesus, He in turn gave me rest that I so badly needed. As I ministered to another, even an animal, I stopped focusing on my own imagined troubles.
So, here I am again, in town on yet another whirlwind day of activity. If all goes well, I will be able to stay at home the rest of the week, rest and catch up on the chores at home. If, however, I am destined to return to town everyday this week, I will do so with a good attitude, being thankful for each opportunity to minister to others.

Well, I got chores. Later ya’ll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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