Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hard Work Is a Tonic To the Soul

February 17, 2011

I never need to find out if the groundhog saw his shadow--I know when spring is on its way simply by checking my wolves' coats. If they are starting to shed the winter undercoat while it's still cold outside--the weather is fixin' to warm up. About a week ago, I noticed that Little Dove's fur was looking tatty. When I checked closer, it was obvious that she was beginning to shed her undercoat. And lo and behold, it is now WARM!!!!!!!! (I am so easy to please, have ya noticed?)

So, as a result, I have been able to stay home for most of this week, and I would still be there today if I didn't need horse feed. And it looks like I am gonna be able to be home Friday too! Yup, doin' the happy dance!

Here is a summary of my first week of warmer temperatures:

Monday--Up at 3:45, help the hubby off to work by 5 a.m., stay up and finally finish the letter to my pen pal Marqueta, then have some Bible and prayer time. Daylight comes, my son and I have breakfast, feed the animals, clip a lead rope to Fang Wolf, and we take a 6 mile walk. It was glorious. We get back, rest a bit, have lunch, and then I start washing blankets in my wringer washer. While they are agitating, Obie and I toss rocks into a home made skid and haul them to the driveway to fill in a rut that threatens to swallow the truck when we drive over it. When the blankets are done, we wrestle them onto the clothesline and start over with the next. After all that I do up the dishes, fix a simple oven supper, eat, watch a DVD and read out of THE JUNGLE BOOK. Then we all crash.

Tuesday--Get hubby off to work, and with his blessing, I am back in the arms of Morpheus five seconds after he leaves. Sleep till daylight, repeat the feeding pattern and walk for 3 miles. Haul more rock, make plans for other projects. Repeat dinner fixin’ and eatin’. Bedtime.

Wednesday--Get up, son and I get dressed and hop in truck with hubby to ride out 3.5 miles. Get out of truck in dark, and after hubby drives off, walk back to house to get walk over with. I cannot begin to tell you all how beautiful a mountain road is in the dark. Soft breezes, leaves rustling, stars overhead--no sounds but the tramping of our feet on the old dirt and fresh gravel. The scent of wood stoves from homes waft out from their stove pipes. Sometimes you spook a deer into crashing through the brush. Lovely.

When we get home, it’s still dark, so we fall across our beds and doze till daylight. Again, breakfast and feeding. Then we really gear up into chores. I start a fire with deadfall from the big corral. I keep burning any brush I can gather, and some old blankets that were too soiled to make another year. And yes, more rocks get hauled to the drive and placed like some bizarre stone puzzle. Then I attack my trailer and scrub, dust and arrange everything. Since Brian gets in late on Wednesday, I fix a Cajun beef dish, haul water to the fire and heat it up for baths, soak awhile in the hot water and rest, then into jammies, and relax till hubby gets home.

Okay, after all that, I am tired, sore, stiff, and badly in need of a chiropractor--and I LOVE IT! I can hardly wait till tomorrow when I can do more laundry, and arrange the tack and feed room. Yeah, I know, I live a wild life! I’m planning a horse brushing and grooming day next week!

Well, I got chores. Later ya’ll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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  1. Dang wore me out!!! Wish I had half that energy of yours! But, I guess we do what we gotta do, huh? Glad you enjoyed it...I enjoyed the way you told it! :)